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Romania's Haunted Forest

Romania's Hoia Baciu forest is a place which has long been associated with strange and paranormal happenings, especially by locals in the nearby village located on the edge of the forest. Residents of this remote village report seeing strange lights in the sky, beams of light rising from the forest at night, spectral figures are seen and strange sounds and voices are heard by anyone who ventures into the forest. Some people have even reported being assaulted by unseen forces, but let's take a look at the known history of the forest before we get to that.
In 1968 a military technician named Emil Barnea went camping in the forest to get some quiet time (that was his first mistake). Accompanying Emil were his girlfriend Zamfir and two friends, the group had ignored warnings about the forest given to them by villagers, apparently Emil and co. had never ever seen a horror movie in which ignored warnings lead to terrible/hilarious deaths. Anyway it turns out nothing to bad happened to the group, but they got three very clear black and white pictures of a silver disc UFO, which Emil described as executing a difficult flying manoeuvre then flew of into the blue at a steep angle.
Long before Emil and co. had their sighting, the Hoia Baciu forest was producing weirdness. Locals have always reported physical effects like feeling sick, feeling very anxious for no reason, sudden headaches and sometimes even burns and scratches appearing on the skin of those who have gone into the forest. Another visitor to the forest of eternal creepiness was one Alexandru Sift, a biologist who became intrigued with the stories surrounding Hoia Baciu. He began to venture alone into the forest hoping to experience the phenomenon first hand. Alexandru began to notice that as he walked through the trees shadowy shapes were following him, always seen from the corner of his eye. It was tricky to form a solid opinion of who or what they were, so he began photographing the shadows or at least the areas in which he seen them, the results were impressive. Not only did the photographs he took show the shadows, but also figures of people that he never noticed with the naked eye and also light orbs, his photographic evidence only served to add interest to an already interesting and scary place.
In September of 2009 the crew of the Syfy channel's popular program, Destination Truth, traveled to Romania to check out this infamous haunted forest for themselves. As it turns out they got slightly more than they bargained for. They started by interviewing a professor in the city of Cluj named Adrian Patrut who is Romania's leading expert on the Hoia Baciu forest. He has personally observed strange bright lights and human shaped apparitions on his trips to study the forest, Adrian directed the destination truth team to a small village near the edge of the forest where they would get the local take on things. The villagers the team interviewed confirmed the reports of strange lights above the forest and disembodied voices and shadowy shapes and also warned "don't go". Village advice ignored t,he team proceeded into the forest for an all night vigil.
After patrolling through the dark forest and observing quite a few strange lights among the trees they arrived at the area of most interest in the forest which is a circular clearing near the centre with no trees, and it was here that the team conducted an evp session, where one team member sits in the middle of the circle alone for 30 minutes and asks questions and and later the audio evidence is examined to look for replies, the other team members watch the individual from their base camp nearby. Everything was fairly uneventful until Evan's turn. He reported over his radio that he was hearing female voices which seemed to be coming from different parts of the forest, about three seconds after saying this he was thrown or pulled backwards with considerable force, an event which was captured clearly on the groups night vision camera set up. The other team members sprinted from base camp to help Evan and when they got to him he was visibly shaken and some scratch marks had appeared on his forearm.
So in summary it certainly seems like the Hoia Baciu forest is hiding some weird secrets and it definitely didn't disappoint on it's first big TV appearance. Check out destination truth season 5 episode 2 for the teams return visit to this odd forest.
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