Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are Ouija Boards Safe?

Are you thinking about using the Ouija board? Does the idea of using the Ouija board to ask questions of the spirits sound fun to you? Are you wondering what lies beyond the earthly realm, and are you considering using the Ouija board to find out?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider the information below before beginning your practice with the Ouija board.
Ouija boards are not toys, though they are unfortunately currently marketed as such. These "toys" are actually extremely potent divination tools and should only be used by skilled individuals who understand the risks and are willing to take them.
First off, yes, a person can absolutely contact spirits via the Ouija board. It is definitely an effective and powerful divination instrument. However, the question ought to be: what kind of spirits will you actually contact?
While it is true that cases exist involving people who have channeled valuable information via the Ouija, more often than not the information that comes through is lower-vibration, unenlightened and sometimes downright threatening.
When you purchase a board and bring it into your home you are essentially declaring your intention to make contact with the spirit world. This immediately sets off a type of spiritual flare, though not one that necessarily travels to the higher levels, where more illumined and enlightened beings exist.
When you pull out the board and begin to actually use it, you are, in effect, asking all proximate beings to show you that they are there. Asking for this type of evidence or proof is an invitation and opens a very large spiritual door. Yet with the Ouija, once the door is open, an individual cannot be sure who (or what) will step through.
The fact is that most entities attracted to the Ouija board are ones that dwell on the lower astral levels, or the levels more closely associated with the earth plane. These are typically spirits/beings that may be disoriented (due to death-related trauma or sheer confusion), resistant to progression (therefore unenlightened and unwilling to be enlightened) or downright hostile (entities looking to cause mischief, trouble and even harm).
While it is possible to make contact with more enlightened beings via the use of certain divinatory tools, the Ouija, for whatever reason -- and I feel the reason is vibratory in nature and also involves historical stigmatization -- appears to attract spirits who essentially cannot or will not move on. Why would you want to talk with these beings? Why would you want proof or evidence from these sorts of entities? Why would you want to play with that kind of fire?
You shouldn't want to, and in my opinion as a psychic medium, you shouldn't do it at all.
People without developed psychic abilities usually are unable to discern whether an entity coming forward is good or bad / moral or immoral. This makes their use of this board unsafe. Psychic individuals, however, can read and judge energetic vibrations, and all beings (including humans) resonate at a certain vibratory level. Therefore some psychics can effectively use the Ouija as a tool for channeling information, but this is because they typically have more skills, more information and more protection. Even so, however, extreme caution must always be taken.
For the record, and as someone who works as a professional psychic, I do not and would not use the Ouija board.
That being said, if you do not possess developed psychic skills yet still wish to proceed with the Ouija board, do so knowing that it is generally recognized to attract more problems than good into a person's life. Often the problems associated with the Ouija board are hard to clear and can be extremely harmful to the individuals using the board as well as others close to them, some of which may be innocent and unknowing bystanders.
Crystal Milligan is a psychic medium, writer and teacher who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She offers psychic readings and spiritual teaching at her website, http://www.crystalmilligan.com.
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