Monday, January 21, 2013

Have You Encountered Your Twin Flame Yet?

Have you ever wondered if you will meet your twin flame? This is the soul mate that is like a mirrored image of yourself and the one who will make you feel complete. We have a lot of soul mates pass through our lives and they come in the form of family friends and others who are here to help or teach us something. Think back through your life who have you met that left a lasting impression on you? Who seems unforgettable?
It is the opportunity to meet our twin flame that keeps us searching. Until we do we feel that something is missing in our lives? We know this because even when we are with some one we really care about we know instinctively there is something more out there even if we are not quite sure what it is. It is that longing for our twin flame that keeps us restless until we find them.
You do not have to be an authority on soul mates to draw your twin flame in as in our DNA is part of a code that will match the same code in the person who is your twin flame. In the beginning we were split apart and now through every lifetime we seek to find each other but we are often confused by soul mates that pass through and are even convinced they are the one. They say the soul always knows and when it is your twin soul standing in front of you the connection will be hard to resist.
As our modern world pulls us away from such beliefs we lose sight of what is really important. Love is at the heart of everything that is human and once we replace it with quick fixes and easy amusements we have lost track of who we are. There is not anything man made that can replace the feeling between twin flames. If you meet them in this lifetime it could be that you are aware of their existence and have faith. Never stop believing that your twin soul is out there longing for you to come home.
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