Monday, January 21, 2013

Psychic Abilities Twins Have

Ahh, the mystery of twins, we have all heard about the connections and some of us have even seen it with our own eyes, but how real is it? Do twins really have ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)? Well, first off what is ESP really?? And if twins do have this ability do both fraternal and identical twins show signs?? Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me, so that is why we decided to take a deeper look into twins and their 'twin abilities' and this is what we found.
First off let's start with what is ESP? ESP is the ability to sense things without using our natural bodily senses such as touch, sight, or sound, sometimes referred to as a sixth sense or intuition, in other words to have a form of psychic abilities. Now as far as fraternal or identical, it is said that both sets of twins show signs of a spiritual connection to one another but it is believed that identical twins show a stronger natural psychic ability to each other than fraternal.
The mystery, one twin is grocery shopping 30 miles away from where the other is about to cross the street to get to a book shop and twin one feels what she describes to be a horrible feeling, or 'gut instinct' that the other is in trouble and low and behold, they were, at that exact time twin 1 calls twin 2 and she has just been in an accident. Scientist will tell you it was a fluke, a coincidence, but those twins know better, I mean, twins have been known to even share secret languages with one another.
So, what exactly do the scientists say?? They have been studying this amazing connection for years, twins choosing the same foods or replying the same answers to questions, but in lots of cases of long term husband and wife they will also answer in the same way. This ability can be due to simply living in the same proximity for so long, it's their abilities to sense danger or happiness that are truly amazing. In the end there is no scientific evidence that twins have ESP there are no proven connections between twin minds and their abilities. But in the end, there is no scientific proof that psychics carry the abilities that they do either, I guess, either you believe it or you don't. Example, you walk right by a twin who is nowhere near pregnant and all of a sudden she feels labor pains you help her call her twin sister and in all the amazement find the other twins water just broke, how do you walk away from that not finding it simply incredible!
Some things in life don't require a 100% fact full of explanations to just exist, I am sure almost all of us believe in something not because we have been given the proof but because the proof was in the amazing outcomes. There is no other way to explain this phenomenon between twins, you just believe.
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