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The Lost Civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria

The mystique of Atlantis and Lemuria is legendary. While little is known factually, their memory and mythology live on in the collective psyche.
Songs have been written about Atlantis, Disney made an animated movie about Atlantis and there's even a resort named Atlantis down in the Bahamas.
Lemuria on the other hand is less of a cultural phenomenon than Atlantis. Its origins and existence are shrouded in more mystery than those of its counterpart.
Some have theorized that a "super-continent" once existed connecting Madagascar and India. This large land mass was given the name Lemuria, or the "Land of Mu" after the Lemurs found in the area.
Others, including famous American psychic Edgar Cayce, have suggested that Lemuria existed in what is now called the "Pacific Ring of Fire." This area encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean and is home to all kinds of seismic and volcanic activity. One theory says that gigantic earthquakes swallowed up Lemuria.
Interestingly, the legend of Mu is a part of island lore all across the Pacific. In fact, for thousands of years the Polynesian peoples have handed down the story of a long lost continent in the Pacific that was the original motherland of mankind.
Then there are the writings of James Churchward. His 5-volume series of books about Lemuria suggests that this "motherland" stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas.
I find it intriguing that the Mariana Trench, located near the Marianas, is considered the deepest part of the world's oceans. Who knows what lies buried beneath... perhaps the lost civilization of Lemuria?
Drawing upon science, ancient art, mythology and the occult, Churchward describes in vivid detail what he believed life was like on Lemuria. He goes so far as to say that the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden was centered on this now-submerged continent.
Churchward writes that Lemuria had a sophisticated government, advanced scientific technology and a flowering culture. The people of Lemuria had highly developed psychic abilities including telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis.
Some believe the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by descendants of Lemuria or Atlantis who retained these abilities. That might explain how such large blocks of stone could be moved and aligned so perfectly.
So... are Atlantis and Lemuria lost civilizations, and if true, what secrets might they hold?
Sadly, even with advanced technology, a disease-free existence and mental abilities far beyond what we have today, these civilizations faded into the mists and myths. Theories surrounding the downfall of Lemuria and Atlantis vary from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods to weapons of mass destruction.
It leaves me to wonder... if these civilizations could be unearthed, might there be lessons to be learned from their ancient histories? Are there technological marvels waiting to be rediscovered that might eliminate disease or world hunger?
The discovery of what Cayce calls a "Hall of Records" hidden beneath the watery depths could radically transform our understanding of God and our place in the Universe. Such a discovery might help heal religious divisions at the root of so many senseless wars.
If Churchward, Cayce and others are correct, these lost continents may hold keys to the positive transformation of 21st human life. And this may be the greatest gift the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria could give present day humankind.
Time will tell...
Lawrence Neal Katzman is an artist, writer and visionary spirit, whose art is inspired by love, beauty and the cosmos. He writes about lost civilizations, ancient wisdom and the quest for love. You can view his art at
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