Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mastering Astral Projection - Achieving an Out of Body Experience Fast

Mastering astral projection can be very frustrating for some and for good reason, quieting the mind and achieving an out of body experience requires practice and persistence. If you are looking at mastering astral projection this article is a must read, let's look at how you can finally achieve your first out of body experience.
One of the best ways to begin the process of mastering astral projection is to understand that astral projection is a very natural and ancient practice. It is not a new age concept, Astral projection is completely natural.
Achieving your first astral projection experience can open up a whole new world that will see you eager to master and simplify the process to be able to do it at will.
The best thing can do to astrally project is to first practice quieting your mind. You can begin by laying down in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Often most will try before going to bed but this can see you falling asleep instead.
Focus on your breathing. Begin to feel the air around you, use your mind and tell your feet to relax, once this relaxed state begins, let it spread to your legs, upper body, arms and head. You should feel as if your body is becoming lighter and all tension in your body subsiding.
If you find yourself having thoughts pop into your mind, simply brush them aside and focus on your breathing. With some practice you will notice your conscious mind resisting less.
You should begin to feel as if your body is completely relaxed and you may feel as if you are completely weightless. This is a positive sign and you should continue to focus on your breathing.
Some of the pre projection signs to look out for in your body asleep, mind awake state include, body vibrations, change in your body temperature, rapid heart rate, fast breathing, buzzing sounds and tingling. If you are experience any of these symptoms are very close to projecting.
Once these symptoms begin to take place you must ensure you keep your mind clear and not allow your conscious mind take control. Most will begin to talk to themselves such as " is this it", "am I close" and hold themselves back in letting their astral body leave their physical body.
You do not try to force your astral body to leave, continue to relax and get ready for a wonder experience.
Anyone can begin to process of mastering astral projection if your prepared to practice and exercise some patience.
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