Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ancient Egypt, The Land of Magic

As time ticks by and our nature changes ever so much, we are in fact caught up in our own dark ages, we could call it the dark ages of our mind. everything that we need to change ourselves is right in front of us, yet we do not see.
The land of magic have so much to offer the modern world, and yet people divide their knowledge as they have done with their own modern information, this only leads people away,... not towards..
The people of ancient Egypt are pretty much like us today, but their knowledge seems to go beyond anything the world has ever seen.
How can this be? How can we have lost so much and gained so little. Simple, we divided ourselves. Divisions in people, divisions in knowledge, divisions upon divisions.
Mythology, legends, poetry, fables are words that does not exist. They are merely words that was created in our modern time to communicate, about certain ancient manuscripts.
But they can never be a fact or a truthful name to anything ancient, simply because we were not there, and we lack the knowledge behind the words. We can presume, we can have theories, even ones that sounds most reasonable, but we do not have a concluding result that is pure truthful.
The people of Ancient Egypt thought nature was magical, and that magic existed all around them, and personally I would agree.
For is our earth not magical in itself? Is not the blessing of water, earth and air, a real truthful magical force by itself? All the planets in our endless universe, that just circle around in nothingness, is that not magical?
People in our modern world have always tried to harness the power of these magical forces, and rename them to something more, should we say earthly... Stripping them for their magical description...
By this I mean, just because the real functional description is lacking, does not mean that the function by itself is not magical.
Take Wind, can anyone explain its true functions or how exactly it works? yet we now sell wind power... but no one can create wind without air?.. they are one and the same.. a self creating force.
The human seems to be the most remarkable creation in the fact, that we a perfectly put together. Hands and fingers that can create, a subtle feeling to become more than just a primitive cell of life, an idea of what is to come, and the will and choice to change.
The people of ancient Egypt already knew this, and it was probably a much better foundation for having the biggest dreams, and creating such gigantic monuments, than what we are asked to believe in, today.
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt 
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