Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lucid Dream Induction - Remembering Your Dreams

One of the things that help you with lucid dream induction is being able to remember your own dreams. This helps build up recollection which is important for various methods that you can use to induce yourself into one of these dream like states. The problem is when some of us wake up, after a few minutes we can't even remember what was dreamt about which is going to cause problems for recollection but there are ways that you can actually improve this though.
  • Get Enough Sleep
The first thing that you're going to want to do is make sure that you get yourself enough sleep. The body goes through an REM process meaning that you want to sleep for 8 hours experience the full process instead of just the 5/6 hours that many people usually get.
The reason 8 hours is a better length is because with the numerous dreams we have during the night, they get longer as time goes on, so the longer they are the easier it is for you to remember bits from them therefore improving your recall ability.
  • Using A Dream Journal
The best tool that you can have is a dream journal. This is the basic and most essential thing that you should look into getting if you want to experience lucid dreaming. This isn't anything special, just a notepad that you can leave next to your bed so when you wake up you can note down anything that you experience in your dream.
Some people tend to prefer to wake themselves up during the night (if you are using the back to bed method this is highly useful to increase lucidity and recall) after 4/5 hours to note down what they remember and then go back to sleep for the rest of the night to do the same in the morning. What this does is just makes breaking down the dreams into chunks easier to remember than using recall on a full night's sleep.
Working from the end to the beginning is normally the best way to remember, ask yourself questions like "how did I get here" to help you move backwards in your story.
Anything you remember you should note down; dream signs, objects, animals, signs, anything you remember goes in the book. If you can't even remember anything put down "no recollection" as this will help you build the habit up.
  • Dream Supplements
There are many things you can take to help increase how vivid and lucid you can get in your dream like state.
There are many herbs out there that can actually help such as calea zacatechichi which has said to be highly effective. However the last thing you want to do is get addicted to them by using them every night so just use them in small amounts (don't worry they are safe to use).
You can also take on more natural foods such as rice, tomatoes, oats, cheese, almonds and mustard seeds. What these contain is melatonin which increases how vivid your dreams are which in return makes them easier for you to recall.
Dream recall is highly important when it comes down to lucid dream induction so you will need to make sure that you learn how you can improve your recollection so that you are able to increase your lucidity the next time you're sleeping.
There are many other methods that you can use for lucid dream induction and some you might find easier than others too. You can also check out our blog which contains tips, tricks and more methods and information that can help you with your journey to achieve your lucid dream.
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