Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I See Ghosts, I Feel Things, I Know Things - Am I Psychic? What's Wrong With Me?

I know what it's like to see spirit, to hear sounds, to sense energy and to know or dream things that later happen in the same, or similar circumstances. Sometimes it can be really scary. Sometimes it can be really draining on you energetically and emotionally. Especially if you're a big dreamer.
So here is my 5 point plan to help you cope with what you experience on a psychic level.
Number 1 - Don't Panic!
Firstly, I don't think there is anything wrong with you. In fact, given my experiences these things are quite normal! You are more open, intuitive and sensitive than many others and while some of you may not be able to talk openly to others about it, please remember that you are not alone. These things can be controlled and either developed and integrated into your everyday life, or reduced, even stopped altogether.. When it comes to precognition always remember, you are not causing things to happen - you are simply aware of them before they do.
NB: If you're hearing voices that encourage you to do bad things to yourself or others, or to act out of character or inappropriately, or if you are causing harm to yourself, feel suicidal, or feel there is more to your condition then you must seek professional, medical help.
Number 2 - Start A Journal
Keep a diary of your daily activities including regular stuff as well as the spooky things. This will help you to realise how often it doesn't happen (the days when you're 'normal'!) and how often you're right about things. More importantly it will help you to get your thoughts out of your head and on to paper. It will help with the whirl of thoughts going round your head and will be useful for you in the future if you choose to develop your psychic, intuitive or mediumistic side.
Number 3 - Put Psychic Protection In Place
It is essential that you understand how you can learn to shut out the things that interfere with your everyday life, and maybe your sleep patterns (which is quite common). Psychic protection will help to keep you more grounded and able to function at work, at school or college and at home. For some of you, simply asking your spirit guides to stand around you and stop these things happening may be enough.
Number 4 - Meditate On A Daily Basis
Take some time to meditate each day. This will help you to remain calm and centred. Put psychic protection in place before you start. If you're comfortable doing so, you may want to let your spirit guide know (talk to them even if you don't know who they are, they will be around) that if there is anything that they wish to communicate to you, this is the time to tell you. Also let your spirit guide know that the rest of the day and night spirit shouldn't interrupt your life. You may want to include your meditation experiences in your daily journal too.
Number 5 - Make Connections
Connect with people of like mind if you can. Look for meditation groups, spiritualist churches or crystal workshops (just as examples). It's always a relief to talk to others who know what you're on about. If you are unable to do this in your local area, try connecting online. Although please be careful who you connect with, and essentially who you meet up with and put the usual precautions in place if you choose to meet.
Connect with your spirit guide too. You can do this through meditation given enough practice and time. To do this, put psychic protection in place before you meditate and simply ask you spirit guide to step forward during your quiet time and let themselves be known to you. There are also guided visualisations that can help you to meet your spirit guide, but remember they will only make themselves known to you when the time is right. I personally would suggest you find your guide for yourself rather than asking a medium or someone else to just tell you who they are as you need to be able to really connect with them so that you can work with them well in the future.
These steps may be enough for you, certainly for the time being, but the chances are you will need to decide what you want to do next. Do you want to develop these skills or shut them out? Once you've put these measures in place it should give you some breathing space to decide and then to research what to do next.
Helen Leathers is a lifelong intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, some would say psychic. Helen prefers the term 'a naturally modern mystic'. Helen teaches, inspires and encourages spiritual growth, personal and psychic development. She grew up surrounded by active spirits and has helped may people deal with their gifts and move unwanted spirits from their homes.
Helen draws on her natural and intuitive abilities along with many years of research and personal development to produce books, products and programs to help you, whether you're just a little curious, an absolute beginner or have been involved in spiritual and psychic development for some time.
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