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Kundalini Yoga and Astral Projection Techniques

As one of the many effective techniques to achieve astral projection, Kundalini Yoga is often discussed with regard to astral travel and the subtle body. Dating back to Ancient times, the Kundalini refers to a coiled energy force found in the Root Chakra. As the Universal Energy force of the body, it remains dormant until it is awakened through various practices, the most common of which is Kundalini Yoga. Although this is not the only means of effective astral projection, it is certainly discussed by most astral projectionists worldwide. Like all astral projection techniques, Kundalini is about balance-within all chakras as well as throughout the mind and body.

Kundalini Awakening

In order to understand how Kundalini relates to astral travel, you must first discover what Kundalini awakening is. Through meditation, breathing exercises, and other yogic practices, this deep-rooted energy force will be awakened. Coiled at the base of the spine, the energy will rise up from that area through the spine and to the top of the head. As the force springs forward, it is common to experience a tremendous surge of energy. Most likely, there will be involuntary physical movements, like tremors, associated with the awakening of the Kundalini. There is often an electrical feeling or vibration associated with the rising of the energy and there can also be temperature fluctuations.

Often, the first few attempts to awaken the Kundalini can be frightening. This wholly unknown sensation can be difficult to get used to, causing many to cut the experience short the first few times. With practice, Kundalini awakening can begin to bring great spiritual awakening and mind-body harmony. Working with all 7 chakras, Kundalini will also help your energies to work together, which will promote a better overall understanding of your spiritual self.

Physical Symptoms of Astral Projection

As the astral body rises up from the physical body, as occurs in Kundalini awakening, there are many physical symptoms that can occur. Although all sensations may not be felt by each person, each time they astral project, it is likely that at least some of them will occur as you move through the experience. The most common and widely-discussed sensation that comes with astral travel occurs as your astral body rises up. The feelings of vibration and electrical charge are directly tied to the tremendous amount of energy that is moving through your body as this occurs.

This vibration can also bring with it buzzing in the ears, headaches, and other "foreign" sensations. Even with an expectation of and a familiarity with these sensations, they can still be frightening to most beginners. As you move through the experience, there can be the feeling of flying or floating, popping noises, involuntary muscle jerks, changes in body temperature, strange sounds or even hearing someone whisper your name, and the feeling of a lucid dream. In the early stages of astral projection any or all of these sensations may be present. As the experience progresses, you will begin to enjoy other sensations and an overall heightened awareness of your senses.

Common Feelings Following Astral Projection

For most, Kundalini awakening or astral projection is done with a goal in mind. Success is often contingent on acknowledging this goal, as it guides the subtle body through its travels. After the experience has concluded, there can be many lasting after-effects. For most, there is a heightened awareness of the physical self as well as the spiritual self. There can also be increased extra sensory perception, such as knowing something is going to happen before it does.

Often, dreams will become more vivid and lucid dreams can be more common after astral projection. Because of the overall connection with the "Higher Self", there will be more spirituality in most people and more contact with the "inner voice", which is often referred to as clairaudience. Astral projection can also put you in touch with spirit guides, with whom contact can continue without astral projection.

No matter what technique you use to achieve Kundalini awakening or astral projection, there is no denying the clear connection between the Kundalini and the astral body. Many experts believe they are one in the same, which is why so many practitioners of astral projection use Kundalini Yoga to induce it.

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