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Psychic Medium Tools: The Ouija Board

One of the most renowned tools often utilized by many a psychic medium these days to communicate with beings from the spiritual realm is the Ouija board. First developed way back in the 19th century, when the art of spiritualism become rather popular, a psychic medium would be able to establish communication with the dead as they enter a trance. They would make use of a round table with the letters of the alphabet printed on it, along with a piece of wood with a hole in the middle. Those who wanted to communicate with their loved ones would ask questions to these spiritual entities by placing their hands on that piece of wood, guiding their hands to different letters which would spell out the answers to their inquiries. This proved to be a highly effective method of communicating with spiritual beings, as it was quick and highly accurate. This also provided a way for people to do such a task without requiring the presence of a psychic medium to make things happen. These days, Ouija boards are as mainstream as any board game the Parker Brothers back in the 70's and can be used by anyone, provided a medium fills them in on the basics of how to properly use them.

How to Use the Ouija Board

  • Before anything else, it comes highly advised that there should be at least 3 to 4 people around when using the Ouija board, including a psychic medium. It's never a good idea to do it all by yourself. The board with the alphabets imprinted on them is positioned on top of an even surface.
  • Place the polished piece of wood, also known as a planchette, in the middle of the board. All participants should place a finger on top of the planchette. This is so in order to make sure it isn't moved by anyone.
  • Questions should then be asked to the board, upon which the planchette may move to make a response. The hole in the middle of the planchette will then move over those same letters in the alphabet, which may spell out the answers to your questions or write off incomprehensible responses.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

  • If a psychic medium is leading the session, he will then inform all the participants that only positive vibes should be exuded. Anything otherwise may attract negative energies and spirits into the session.
  • A psychic medium advises that during the session, you don't ask for any physical manifestations of the spiritual entity's presence. Never ask for proof that they're around, as you may experience unwanted occurrences.
  • When the session is over, slide the planchetter over to the word "Goodbye" as you gently remove your fingers from it, and close the Ouija board tightly.

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