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Prophecies and Predictions for 2012 - When and What Will Happen?

Experts in the scientific community of the world predict that a few months from now, all life on Earth may come to an end. Some are saying it will be humans that start the beginning of the end. Others believe a natural event or catastrophe will set the end of the world in motion. Many religious experts claim it will be God himself who stops the world. The following common prophecies and predictions for 2012 are just a few likely arguments why the world would end.

#1 - The Mayan Calendar
It is commonly accepted the first culture to predict 2012 as the end of the world was the Maya civilization. The Maya civilization was a bloodthirsty race located on the South American continent. They excelled at two things in particular. First and foremost, they created highly accurate astrological devices out of stone. Second, they loved to make ritual blood sacrifices.

Mayan astrologers managed to very accurately calculate the length of the lunar moon cycle. Mayan monuments with lunar data inscriptions suggest the Mayan formula was 81 moons = 2,392 days. Or, one lunar cycle per 29.53086 days and that is accurate to within 7 minutes per year! Modern science calculations put the lunar cycle at 29.53059 days.

#2 - The Sun's Solar Storms
Around the world, solar experts monitoring the Sun have made a surprising discovery. Our solar system's Sun is in an epic struggle. Like most things in nature, the energy output of our Sun is cyclic. After a period of relative stability, the Sun is about to enter a period of turbulence when it will generate massive solar storms.

Solar storms bombard the Earth with a lot of energy in the form of radiation. Recent storms, and past, have been known to knock out power grids, destroy satellites, and bring down cellular phone networks. Over time, these storms erode layers of Earth's protective magnetic field. NASA recently predicted this activity will reach a deadly peak sometime in 2012, and has warned the public, "to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar event."

#3 - The Atom Smasher
In Europe, scientists built the world's largest particle accelerator. The particle accelerator is essentially a 16.7-mile tunnel designed to smash atoms together to discover how the universe works. The ultimate prize would be to confirm the existence of the hypothetical Higgs Boson particle that is supposedly responsible for giving mass to all particles.

Not surprisingly, this enormous gadget has raised serious concern with some scientists and is the subject of lawsuits. Some scientists suggested that it is probably a bad idea to even turn it on in the first place. They predict all kinds of deadly results might occur, including mini black holes that could eat the Earth. The accelerator was turned on for the first time in 2008 and caused an explosion. It was fixed and the first experiment performed in 2009, but no planet-gobbling black holes have been created...yet.

#4 - The Bible Says So
If a scientist warning us about the end of the Earth is not bad enough, religious scholars and zealots are telling us the same thing. The Christian Bible does not specify an exact date, but its writers emphasized that it draws nearer every day. Some interpretations of the Bible reveal the date for Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil, has been set for 2012. The Chinese Book of Changes, called the I Ching, says the same thing, as do sections of the Hindu teachings.

#5 - Super Volcano
A national park in the United States, Yellowstone, is famous for its thermal springs and its Old Faithful geyser. These amazing geological artifacts occur for one simple reason - springs and geyser are sitting on top of the world's largest volcano. Geologists estimate the volcano at Yellowstone has a pattern of erupting approximately every 650,00 years, and we are many years past due. When this super volcano erupts again it will fill the sky with ash, blocking the Sun and plunging our world into a winter that could last for up to 15,000 years. Geologists say the Yellowstone volcano is steadily building pressure, and some claim that 2012 is the likely year for an eruption.

#6 - The Physicists
Physicists specialize in an area of science that is very much based on mathematics and statistics. Some physicists have determined that the Earth is long overdue for a major catastrophic event. Worse yet, they claim the calculations prove that we will all die as a result very soon. The physicists also state their predictions come with a 99% certainty, and their best guess as to when this event will occur - 2012.

#7 - Earth's Magnetic Field
The majority of people know a magnetic field surrounds the Earth, and it shields us from most of the Sun's dangerous radiation. Only a handful of people know that the magnetic North and South poles have a nasty tendency to swap places about every 750,000 years. We are about 30,000 years overdue for a swap.

Scientists who study these things have noticed the poles are drifting apart at a rate of about 12-19 miles each year. This is much faster than ever recorded before, and it points to a pole shift coming in the near future. When the pole shift is under way, the magnetic field disappears and some believe it could disappear for up to 100 years. Without the magnetic field, the Earth is fully exposed to the Sun's UV radiation. There will be enough UV outside to cook your skin in seconds, and the radiation will kill everything it touches.

The prophecies and predictions for 2012 are diverse and interesting, for sure. But, what does it all REALLY mean? Maybe more importantly, what will happen to you?

Seth Leonard is an information technology professional who loves to study ancient history, astrology, religion, and metallurgy. The I Ching prophecies... Mayan calendar... Hopi Indians teachings... Aztec calendars... On what subject are they in sync? This might blow your mind.

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