Monday, May 14, 2012

3 Real Magic Spells Anyone Can Do

Here are 3 real magic spells anyone can do. First you need to decide what kind of a spell you want to do and what you want to create, manifest, or attract. These 3 real magic spells are for 3 different things so you have a choice of what to start with. You can use these 3 real magic spells any way you choose. Use them as a stepping stone to get started in the magical ways, or just for a temporary use.
First Of Three Real Magic Spells - Love Spell:
Start by creating an incense of the following ingredients:
1 ounce dried rose petals
¼ ounce sweet bugle (calamus root)
½ ounce cinnamon
¼ ounce anise seed
¼ ounce frankincense
1 ounce powdered sandalwood
¼ teaspoon saltpeter
Place a red candle on your alter with a red heart to the right of the candle. You can cut one out of paper use something you have bought that is red and shaped like a heart. To the front of the candle place a lodestone or a magnet. To the left of the candle place your incense burner with a piece of charcoal and your incense ready for use. When ready to begin, light the candle and the charcoal and place some of the incense on the charcoal and chant the following.
"Bring to me my sweet love,
My heart and hope and dove.
Bring to me someone special,
Someone (list three traits you want in a person here)
I long to love and hold you dear,
To whisper things of love in your ear.
I wish to hold and have a love,
To cherish until life above."
Second Of Three Real Magic Spells - A Spell For The Archangel Michael's Protection:
This spell protects you from harm. Michael, the Archangel is invoked in this spell
Close your eyes and imagine the Archangel, Michael is standing in front of you, holding his flaming, cobalt sword. Say, "Michael to the right of me, (imagine he moves to your right) Michael to the left of me, (imagine that there are now two Michael's, one right of you and one left of you) Michael above me, (now, imagine another Michael above your head) Michael below me, (imagine another Michael just underneath you) Michael within me,( Now, imagine another Michael inside you) Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue, please protect me today, as this spell I do."
Third Real Magic Spells - To Gain Money
Get a cauldron. A large bowl will work fine, especially if you can find a metal bowl. A cauldron is used only for magical purposes so it is more powerful, however, it is not necessary. Fill the cauldron or bowl half full with water and position it outside where you intend to do the spell so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Sweep your hands above the water as if gathering the moons silver.
While doing this say:
"Lovely lady of the moon, bring me your wealth right soon.
Fill my hands with silver and gold.
All you give, my purse can hold."
The more you practice, the more powerful you will become. Do spells as often as possible. Also continue to learn through teachers, books, and programs in order to develop your natural power as well. These real magic spells will be more powerful as you become more powerful. This is true for any ritual or spell you decide to do.
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