Friday, May 18, 2012

UFO Sightings In Scotland in the Year 2012 - Sign Of The Times?

The year 2012 has significance for a lot of people, many of who believe the end of the world is coming. Does this have anything to do with the number of UFO sightings in Scotland for the year 2012, and a belief that aliens will take people away when the end comes? This question is difficult to answer, but it is clear that there is a lot of activity in the night sky over Scotland already this year.
For example, over Midlothian, numerous sightings have been made from January to March. Several have been caught on video and there are some similarities between lots of these celestial objects. Many are small and round. Some video footage suggests that the objects move quickly. Others indicate that they move slowly, though altitude would be a factor in this perception. They appear to be flying low to the ground and are very bright, even bright enough to penetrate thick fog.
Another viewer saw what appeared to be a triangular shape moving slowly just a few hundred feet above his town. These reports come amid a flurry of similar reports that unidentified flying objects have chosen Scotland as their fly zone for the past three months. Other sightings have occurred over Perthshire and Inverness, and with the plethora of recording devices being carried around in cell phones and iPods, getting photographic evidence is easy.
While readers might be likely to dismiss any claims relating to the sky over Nessie's famous lake owing to its notoriety as the scene of other hoaxes, it is important to note that many reports could not be explained away by air space authorities. No air traffic controllers were able to say what those objects could have been. While jets routinely fly over Urquhart Castle at low altitudes, they always make a lot of noise. Some objects have been completely silent. Others were too high to tell. Certain ones were seen in the early evening. Others appeared late at night.
Another report led to the discovery that a meteor had descended Scotland. A lot of exciting things have happened to liven up a dull Scottish winter, but not everyone is pleased.
This is especially true of people who have never gone in search of UFOs. From certain websites, it is clear that if you want to see something, you will. The more you look in the sky for UFOs, the more likely you are to see something unusual. If you are not interested in this area of investigation at all and you still see something strange, then it is particularly puzzling. Some of the individuals making these reports are truly sensible professionals with solid heads on their shoulders.
There is always the possibility that unexplained phenomena are being caused by unknown solar activity or unadvertised use of air space by foreign or military bodies. Hoaxes are also possible. At the end of the day, whether you believe in UFOs or not, the reality is that if these are tricks, they are elaborate and convincing.
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