Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twin Flames, the Encounter and It's True Purpose

Twin flames or twin souls are souls who were created by splitting the two divine energies. Masculine energy and Feminine energy. The two souls upon reincarnation hold not identical but complimentary energies. Not everyone out here has a twin soul. Many are born whole and complete with balanced energies.
Twin flames are a minority, just like birth twins. They usually feel isolated and never realise why. They feel not only their emotions but their twin soul's as well. They sometimes feel alone in a crowded room, sometimes sad and lost for no reason. The life they lead although fascinating and normal from outside observers, is quite a challenge without their true half.
They brave up and lead double lives. One with their surroundings and one by themselves. They believe that this is normal way of living. Sometimes they feel scared that if found out, they will be labeled insane. They feel incomplete and lost.
They do lead a very fulfilling and loving life most of the time, but however, at times, get reminded that they are still incomplete, that something major is missing.
They have reincarnated with a very challenging task on hand which is to find balance, to find wholeness and completion without their true half. They are here to create a third energy, the energy of unconditional love. Normal human love does not fulfill as they know and understand love differently.
Some twins don't even reincarnate together, sometimes one twin has ascended from earth plane while one twin remains on earth to fulfill their mission. However if both twins have reincarnated on earth, destiny does bring them together for the initial recognition and the separation follows as it is only through separation they will be forced to look deep within to heal on all levels and to achieve completion on their own. Like they were destined to.
The bond between the twins does not need time or experiences, it does not even need a relationship. It just exists and will exist no matter what. Trying to fight it or deny it will just cause you more pain and confusion. It will hold no comparison to your normal human relationship as this relationship exists between the complimentary energies and holds a deeper purpose.
The purpose of a human relationship is to give and receive love and to add to evolution by creating lives. It's for survival and to form community and society. The purpose of the Twin flame relationship however is to bring forward divine love energy for humanity. To be of service in ascending the world to higher way of loving. To bring love back to its true form, which is unconditional so humans can begin to live in love and not in fear.
They are feeling the deepest emotions, the deepest longing so they can call forth real love. They go through this pain to allow us to stop feeling love and hate and start feeling love and more love. This longing is seeking merger of the two complimentary energies.
The twin with the female energy is like a flowing river that takes over every form and looses herself in giving, she feels alone because she doesn't know how to differentiate herself or be an individual. Her challenge will be to find balance with the male energy so she can give and love without losing herself. She needs to master becoming an individual.
On the other hand the twin with the male energy which is strong, individualised and aggressive will need to find balance with the female energy so he can feel and give selflessly a well. He will need to master giving and loving selflessly.
This longing disappears only when these two energies are balanced within each twin. The twins than become their whole selves, the need to complete each other is over.
They become two strong, whole and complete individuals ready to emanate love. The third energy has been created. The mission completed. They have found themselves.
It's like ascending without dieing. Like they are born again but this time more evolved. With great wisdom and great strength. They posses the power to lead and the power to heal.
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