Friday, May 18, 2012

Astral Projection Method - Easy Astral Projection Method You Can Use to Astrally Travel Today

Looking for a simple but effective Astral Projection Method? There is no need to complicate the process of learning how to astrally project. Learning how to astral travel requires less work and a lot less thinking than most give it. Although you may be struggling, chances are your mind is getting in the way of experiencing the wonderful benefits of having an out of body experience.
The easiest astral projection method for beginners is the rope technique. As you begin your astral projection session, tell yourself that you are going to project today. Find a nice comfortable, silent space where you will not be disturbed while attempting this astral projection method.
Allow the solitude of the silence and the sound of your breathing to begin to silence your mind and relax your body. The goal is to allow your body to relax and go to sleep while your mind is silent and consciously aware.
If you are new to astral travel or have been attempting to project but have been unsuccessful you may fall asleep as most make there attempts while going to bed. Your goal is to keep yourself awake mentally and let your body go to sleep. Tell yourself that you will stay awake during this process during this astral projection method.
As your body begins to relax, allow the wonderful relaxed feeling spread across your body. Let it consume you from head to toe. Tingling sensations, feeling as if your body is becoming lighter and having the sense that you can not feel your legs and arms is a great sign of total relaxation.
You must allow this total body relaxation consume you completely. There is no limit to the level of relaxation you can reach, allow your mind to tell your body to continue to get deeper and deeper. If you find that you are having random thoughts pop into your mind that's perfectly natural, simply brush them aside and get back to the sound of your breathing.
Once you are completely relaxed and feel as if your body is asleep you will experience some sensations that may seem weird and scary at first. You must do your best to not focus on them too much or you may ruin your astral travel attempt. Some of these sensations include extremely strong vibrations all over your body and a buzzing sound. This is a sign that your astral body is close to projecting.
Allow these to vibrations to subside, they must peak first in strength before you can begin a simple astral projection method to "pop" out. An astral projection method that is extremely effective for beginners is to visualize a rope hanging above you. Use the power of your mind and your imagination to create this rope.
As you see this rope in your mind, focus on climbing the rope with your astral body. Use your arms to reach up and grab onto it, do not move your physical body, simply allow your mind to focus on climbing up the rope. You are very close to experiencing your first out of body experience!
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