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Anunnaki - Did They Created Homosapiens?

Anunnaki means "those of royal blood" or "princely offspring" or "those who came from heaven to earth." Theories indicate that they came from Nibiru also known as Planet X, a part of our solar system that orbits the sun every 3,600 years.
Sumerians, one of earliest known human civilizations, worshiped Anunnaki as their god. Theorists believe that the Anunnaki came to earth 450,000 years ago in need of gold to protect their planet's deteriorating atmosphere. Tired and in need of help in mining the gold, they needed workers to help them. So they created the first homosapiens using their genetic knowledge. That was 300,000 years ago.
Scholar Zecharia Sitchin claims that the Anunnaki were real, physical entities who literally came from outer space to earth. They were spacemen from Nibiru who came to people of ancient times and taught them. The fact is written in cuneiform in ancient Sumerian tablets, dating back to 6000 years. To have a background about Sitchin, he is one of the few people today who can translate the ancient languages of Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews. He has dedicated his life on studying ancient civilizations and translating ancient texts, cuneiforms and clay tablets.
In the past years, there have been many discussions about Nibiru or Planet X. Questions such as the real existence of the said planet exists especially in the internet. Yes, the planet does exist. Real photos of Nibiru were taken on January 26, 1983. Astronomers confirmed that Nibiru is over 50 million miles away from earth that time. In 2004, Nibiru was calculated to be 7 million miles away. It will be in the earth's atmosphere by 2012 and will appear as two suns in the sky.
There are people who believe that the Anunnaki will come back to earth soon and it is manifested by the gradual movement of Nibiru closer to earth. Theorists say that the passing of Nibiru will cause catastrophes like earthquakes, tidal waves, severe flooding, food shortage due to the unnatural conditions, meteor storms, volcanic eruptions and the like.
Modern science explains that the Anunnaki is simply a mythological being created by the imagination of the ancient Sumerian religion.
But finally, to quote Laurence Gardner "The Anunnaki presence may baffle historians, their language may confuse linguists and their advanced techniques may bewilder scientists, but to dismiss them is foolish. The Sumerians have themselves told us precisely who the Anunnaki were, and neither history nor science can prove otherwise."
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