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How I Know Atlantis Definitely Existed - Care to Find Out?

Atlantis - a legendary continent said to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean before 12,000 years ago or at least until this land or island fell into the waters. Furthermore it is said that the other civilizations of the so-stated time (such as ones in Mexico, Central America, South America and Egypt) were greatly influenced by the survivors of Atlantis who left before its final destruction.
Other evidence or absolute proof of Atlantis could be related to some very recent discoveries within the Bermuda Triangle where there is a rumor of two large pyramids made of clear glass or crystal found under water Additionally, some archaeologists and underwater specialists have encountered stone structures found under the water by the island of Bimini who claim these stone buildings offer tangible proof of the Atlantean civilization.
Besides, over the years, we have personally met a number of people who have either had a vision or a past life memory of seeing themselves living in Atlantis in a former timeframe. Further, through various studies made by different spiritually based organizations they believe that Atlantis may have existed in various forms and stages of development for several hundred thousands of years.
But I believe that we have two other proofs which are even more substantial then anything which has been shared in this article so far:
1) The best source of information about Atlantis was revealed through the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce who lived from 1877-1945. For the last forty years of his life he went into an altered state of consciousness and would give what were called life readings. These reading either were about the current life of the individual having the reading or could have been related to a past life of the person which is related to circumstances and events in their current life. Sometimes Mr. Cayce would give a reading for a person who was not in his physical presence.
In total, Edgar Cayce gave over 600 life readings which involved a description about the legendary Atlantis detailing how the individual he was providing the reading for (their soul) lived during one of the ages of this great civilization. It is hard to believe that such consistent information about one past culture could be spoken through a person who was not functioning from his normal waking consciousness. Actually Mr. Cayce had no memory whatsoever of anything that he would speak during his sessions.
Further Edgar Cayce described three ages of Atlantis - the first age from before 50,000 BC (the Theosophical Society saids this age could have started as far back from 1 million to 800,000 years) where Atlantis existed as one huge continent in the Atlantic Ocean. However due to a war which he stated had occurred between the Sons and Daughters of Light (or the Law of One) versus the Sons and Daughters of Belial (people who did not believe in the Creator but worshipped the material world and advance technologies that they could use as a power over others); that around 50,000 BC, Atlantis was split into five islands of which the largest being called Posedia.
Then the second age went till about 10,500 BC when once again the two groups had another conflict and then all that remained of Atlantis was Posedia. About one thousand years later or 9,500 BC, the Sons and Daughters of Light had prophetic visions of the final destruction of Atlantis and knew they had to leave. Therefore these individuals took all of their tools and sacred knowledge and brought them to their colonies that existed within the world at that time. That would be including North, Central and South America and into Egypt.
These Atlanteans knew that that these special tools and their wisdom must be preserved for a future time of humanity when it would be needed again. I believe we are now living in this time and that this is why more evidence of Atlantis is coming publicly forward.
Edgar Cayce further stated that many people who have incarnated into the modern world of today had lifetimes in Atlantis. That as these same souls met once again in our present world that there would be a similar struggle as had happened in Atlantis. And it appears that humanity is once again using our modern technology to disrupt our world, our ecology and environment in addition to continuing to wage terrible wars at various times.
But what can save us is the advance technology and wisdom that probably has been buried in Atlantean time capsules - in secret places. That those souls who fled Atlantis and helped with the preservation of their technology and records have reincarnated today and perhaps, will one day remember to go back to these secret location to retrieve what they have hidden before. And once we have these advance tools and the sacred knowledge of Atlantis, these resources could assist humanity to create a world of total peace.
Now besides having on a personal level my own visions and insights about a time coming for our world to see total peace, there are many other people who are having a similar vision. For example, there is a book called "My Descent into Death" based on the Near Death Experience of Howard Storm.
In this book (which is his story) Mr. Storm goes to Heaven and meets the Angels and the Christ, who show him the power of the Creator's Love. Then Mr. Storm is sent back to his physical self upon the earth. But the key message he received is that the Creator through the Christ and the Angels will be directly assisting Humanity at some point in our future so together we will make a beautiful and peaceful world.
Though Mr. Storm's story might sound a bit religious for those of us who follow a spiritual path, we know in the depth of our beings that there is a loving higher intelligence which watches over us helping us continuously in our spiritual evolution. And we call this force "God" or the "Creator"
Anyway, I apologize but I always share something interesting I have come across just before I begin to write a new article. Anyway, getting back to Atlantis, there is another book that was written by a Dr. Phelon, who was the head of a Hermetic Mystical Order that was published in 1903. In this book, Dr. Phelon reported of an experience he had in the late 1800's, while taking a boat from New York City to California (which means they had to go around Cape Horn of South America).
On this boat he met a very interesting man who was the only other passenger on the ship. They had many conversations about Atlantis and Lemuria. I suspect this stranger was linked to some secret order who had a direct connection with the ancient history and knowledge of Atlanis in some manner.
To make a long story short, this stranger guided Dr. Phelon to one of the islands in the West Indies (between Cuba and South America) where they discovered a stone structure of advance design sticking out of the water. The Stranger somehow knows how to open the door to this building and inside they find in a wooden box containing an ancient papyrus scroll written in Ancient Atlantean. Dr. Phelon writes down the translation of this document from the stranger who understand Atlantean and in the scroll it tells a remarkable story about what Atlantis is like from about 29,000 B.C. How did the Atlantean live and what did it mean to be an Atlantean is contained in the scroll including the higher spiritual principles they followed which guided their lives.
As one begins to read this book, what is quite remarkable is the writer of the scroll discusses a period of time when the Atlanteans had total harmony between their sciences, their governmental institution and their spirituality. That for a new law to be passed, all the people of the land had to agree, not just a few elected officials who represented everyone.
And finally that everything from the visible must first originate in the invisible. It appears this ancient document is offering to us in our world of today a powerful sign of where humanity is headed for in our near future. I don't know, what do you think?
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this report - and that it has perhaps offered to you some new insights about the legendary Atlantis
Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
Joshua Shapiro and his partner Katrina Head are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. Living in the Seattle area since 2011, they have traveled the world sharing key information about the crystal skulls along with their 16 skulls they call the crystal children as well as discussing other world mysteries (such as Atlantis, UFOs, Crop Circles, Orbs, Prophecy, the Hollow Earth, etc..). For 2012 they plan to write several new e-books including a new one that shares interviews with various trance mediums in the world. To learn more about them visit their website at:
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