Monday, July 23, 2012

What Will Occur In 2012? Comets, New World Order, You Decide!

What will occur in 2012? Will the entire world terminate or otherwise in 2012? In a handful of months, it will be December 21st, 2012 and folks are going to be in an incredible mania, asking each other about the end of the planet. Why has the world come to dread 2012? Maybe all of us should have a look at the prophecies for 2012 which might perfectly demonstrate why people are freaking out.
Generally there are well-known prophecies such as those by Nostradamus, in addition to the Mayan calendars, nevertheless there are numerous prophecies that are a lot less popular and less heard of than these ones. Below are some of the lesser heard predictions for the end of the planet:
Nibiru - This hypothesis is based around aliens living in another planet. It was asserted that thousands of years in the past, people of the world were enslaved by Sumerians. However, they found that the ladies of the species were irresistible and so they mated with them. It is stated they will likely abduct people and enslave us once more in 2012.
Comets - Comets, crop circles, the Word of god and Nostradamus are the basis of the following prediction. There are people who are asking just what is going to take place in 2012; a few of them think that the end will come in the form of comets and that these predictions regarding 2012 will see the world in fire.
New World Order 2012 - This might be among the list of most terrifying prophecies around, all because it is based upon correct occurrences and real history. The particular conspiracy theory is the theory that states that we now have secret societies, or one particular secret society, residing amongst us. The start of the NWO would indicate the conclusion of the world as you realize it and indicate the beginning of a global scientific dictatorship.
The Galactic Positioning - Most people understand the Mayan calendar and that it finishes on Dec Twenty one, 2012, Nonetheless do you know what will occur in 2012 that is said to be the trigger of the conclusion of the planet? It is said that in 2012, the Sun will position itself in the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. When this occurs, they estimate the polarity of the planet would likely shift uncontrollably, resulting in the interference of all communication gadgets and destroying modern things and surroundings. The shifting in the earth's magnetic fields would definitely also lead to calamities and unexplained phenomenon that could eventually induce the earth's degeneration.
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