Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Law of Attraction - How to Attract Love

Law of attraction can be used for a lot of desires we have. Apart from the obvious money which we want to attract more of, you can also use law of attraction to attract love. Someone who you love and they love you too. Someone who can be your ideal partner for life such as marriage.
Here are 5 steps how you can attract love using the law of attraction.
1. Imagine what your ideal partner looks like
Visualize the face of your ideal partner. Does she have long or short hair. Does he have a toned skin? How tall is he?
Make sure that when you visualize the love of your life, that you can see all these details. Even go to the extent of being able to smell the breath.
2. Visualize how they behave
You should imagine what it feels like to spend time with them. Where you would go, what movies you would see and how thoughtful and considerate they are when you speak to them.
Visualize what happens when you have petty arguments. Imagine them coming out of the argument and making an effort to patch things up. Visualize yourself appreciating how self-composed your partner is and how they bring out the best in you.
3. Act as though you already going out with your love
When you walk past the shops, say to yourself that they may like a certain gift and that you consider buying it for them. When you go past restaurants, say to yourself that you need to book it next week for dinner, for whatever reason.
The main thing is you are acting as if you are already going out with your ideal love.
If there is someone you have special feelings for, act as though you are already going out with them. Imagine that they really love you and care about you.
4. Expecting to meet your love
Every day, expect to meet your ideal partner or whoever you have feelings for. Believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will meet them today and your relationship will start off nicely.
5. Take the opportunities which come
After applying the law of attraction, you need to be ready to receive whatever the Universe has arranged for you. Remember the law of attraction does not finish with your visualization. You need to make the opportunities happen such as attending social gatherings and speaking nicely to the person who is trying to start a conversation with you.
The law of attraction is a very powerful tool when you know how to use it correctly. Attracting your ideal partner with the above steps is one of the best things you can do with the law of attraction.
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