Saturday, August 4, 2012

Canadian Ghost Hunters Investigate Niagara Hauntings

One of the many popular attractions amongst tourists are the haunted houses such as Screamers Niagara and Nightmares Fear Factory, but you don’t have to venture to Clifton Hills or Falls Avenue to experience a true haunting. All that a visiting thrill seeker needs are some directions and a quick history lesson. Through reports and other documented proof, one can learn that Niagara’s historic landmarks pack much more of a haunted punch than a dark house featuring scary music and skeletons popping out of closets.

The war of 1812, fought between the Americans and the British, saw many of its battles fought along the Niagara River. In order to defend themselves from the advancements of American troops, the British occupied forts such as Fort Erie and Fort George in what is now known as the Niagara region. Infamous battles such as the Battle of Stoney Creek and the Battle of Beaver Dam ravaged the area, leaving the forts and many other structures in ruin. Yet despite the destruction, these forts, along with other landmarks such as the Angel Inn and the Drummond Hill Cemetery were salvaged and rebuilt in order to maintain the historical integrity. Historic Landmarks such these are true havens for apparitions and ghost like activity.
Fully dressed 19th century soldiers standing post at the gates of Fort George, injured soldiers limping their way up the hill of the Drummond Hill Cemetery, dishes rattling from within the cupboards of the Angel Inn and let us not forget the headless Sergeant wandering the grounds of Fort Erie. Not to mention the random objects hurled from one location to the next, the eerie sounds of crying and laughter when no one is present, the chilling feeling of cold spots as a ghost inches nearer and nearer. All of which are documented occurrences that have helped Niagara in becoming the most haunted city in Ontario.
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