Monday, August 6, 2012

The Effects Of Planet X

There is a recently discovered planet that came from the far most areas of the solar system and is hurtling towards Earth, the planet is renowned as Planet X and is considered to be one of the greatest threats to the world today. But what do we know about Planet X and how destructive can it be to people and all living creatures on Earth?

Planet X, or also known as planet Nibiru, was first discovered during the early 1980s by a group of NASA astronomers. The discovery was made by using high-tech infrared sensors that are equipped in their observatories and satellites. At the time the planet is seen near the Kuiper’s belt and is discovered to be moving slowly towards the inner reaches of the solar system. Planet X or better known today as planet Nibiru 2012 has gained its momentum and is currently known to be a couple of years shy away from making its destructive arrival here on Earth, in 2012.
 People say that the effects of the intrusion of Planet X or the 12th planet, as some people prefer to call it, will be devastating. Apocalypse theorists even go so far as saying that the effects trump those of the bible predictions. These effects include billions of deaths, widespread natural disasters, famine, solar flares, wars and a lot more. These catastrophic effects of Planet X will take place when it finally reaches the Earth. This is the reason why Planet X has been associated to a lot of doomsday theories such as the Mayan Apocalypse theory and galactic alignment 2012 end of the world theories.

The ancient Mayan calendar has a long count that at the end of which something big, unexplained and very troubling will happen, and the end of that long count cycle is on December 21, 2012. And this has caused a lot of people to believe that the impending arrival of Planet X is the big and mysterious thing that will happen two years from now, resulting in more believers in the Mayan prophecy. Several ideas on how to prevent the arrival of Nibiru, such as the intervention theory, has been discussed and the skeptics are every day looking for holes in the predictions but because of the Mayan, Aztec and Sumerian culture is infamous for their highly developed knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, the 2012 Mayan prediction has more people believing as the year approaches. The ancient Mayan prophecy may be true, or it may be faulty but it does not belie the fact that Planet X is coming and as the days go by, slowly reveals itself as a menace to the Earth's existence; the question now is, is there any way that we can prevent it?
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