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Ghosts, the Other Side, and Higher Dimensions: Part One

Are there really such things as ghosts? And who ever said there's no such things as ghosts?
Actually, I'm not even going to entertain the close-minded cynical skeptics. I would rather address those more open-minded. So let's move on to some real questions?
What makes a ghost a ghost? Why do we sometimes see them, but most of the time not? And exactly where do they exist?
Here's the basics. First, ghosts were once upon a time us. They are beings who have shed their corporeal mortal coil, as in the physical body, which means they have officially died. They're dead to the earth plane, however the soul is still very much alive. In most cases the being is disoriented and confused and doesn't realize he is dead -- or has left his body which is his anchor to the dense physical world. These ghosts are stuck, or sandwiched between two planes of existence, the earth plane and the denser level of the Other Side. They are earthbound, usually due to previous attachments or unresolved issues that tied them into the earth, yet they lack their earthly body.
If you find them or see them roaming around in a particular house, or even in the house you live, it's probably because they once lived there. Now they have become squatters in their own homes -- or previous homes, since corporeal people now reside there. We may perceive the ghost as the intruder, but from their perspective, anyone in their house is the intruder.
If you see a ghost, it's usually because sometimes the veil between our side and the other side is thin at that particular time or place, to where we get a glimpse over there. And often you may have a psychic opening, even if temporarily, so your psychic sight may open for just a bit which allows you to see entities on a higher vibratory level. It's possible that the fact this entity is near you may trigger an opening, or if it is trying to contact you. Two beings near each other, or in the same house although existing in different frequencies, may be able to see each other. Unfortunately, some people are psychically dense. But I believe every human being has psychic abilities -- they're just untapped. Many times I've seen a glimpse of some being in my room, or in my face, and I kind of freak out at first. But this is because the Other Side isn't far away at all. It's right here! It's only a few degrees away dimensionally speaking. We just have to put up with wearing this hunk of fleshy body which more or less hinders our real abilities. Think of the physical body like a clunky deep diving suit; it tends to hamper your normal senses. Pretty soon you want to come up for air and shed that bulky thing, don't you?
Also, time doesn't pass for beings on the Other Side. Ghosts may have been roaming around in the house for many decades, not realizing they died, and they may assume that a mere few minutes have passed. Psychics and clairvoyance agree on this point in most cases.
The well-known psychic, Sylvia Browne, in The Other Side and Back, states, "Time has no meaning after death, even for those who don't move on to the light to The Other Side, where they belong."
According to psychics and various spiritual traditions, if the ghost gains enough awareness, and learns to let go of the earthly plane and whatever attachments he may have had, he can move into the light and go Beyond, or to what many call the Other Side.
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