Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did I See a Ghost? The Most COMMON Paranormal Experience - The Truth About Psychics and Spirits

The most common paranormal experience is actually the most difficult to believe. I know... I've had it, and it took me weeks to wrap my brain around it to even believe it really happened.
What is it?
It's called a "crisis apparition" and it's usually described as being visited by someone who has JUST died, often unexpectedly and without your knowledge or even expectation. (e.g. - it often happens in sudden death circumstances, as was the case with mine).
What usually happens during a crisis apparition?
Someone you feel emotionally connected with appears at the moment of death... usually to tell you it's going to be okay, or to wave goodbye. Often no words are spoken, and yet... there is a telepathic mind to mind conversation or communication that takes place, very similar to other psychic descriptions of extraordinary experiences.
How common are crisis apparitions, or being visited by a loved one at the moment of THEIR death?
Really surprisingly common! At a recent scientific talk by Pulitzer Prize winning science journalist, Deborah Blum (who wrote the book "Ghost hunters" about a small group of nobel prize winning scientists who researched psychic phenomena at the end of the 19th century) when she asked the audience how many people have had this experience, about HALF of the hands in the room went up.
What was so surprising about that?
The audience was a skeptical, scientific audience... and NOT a new age, or spiritual group of believers that ordinarily are prone to believe anything and everything they want to be true because it feels good.
The funny thing?
You do NOT need to see a psychic or medium to speak to the dead. And while, YES... a good medium is trained to tune in and connect with spirit, or ethereal energy much quicker than most of can, the vast majority of crisis apparitions, or spirit visitation, or even simple "ghost sightings" are 100% spontaneous.
More than 75% of parents who lose a child under 10 will have this experience on numerous occasions, even if they are skeptical, or can't believe their eyes.
About 50% of all husbands who lose a wife (or visa versa) will report being visited by them, in a visual manner... AFTER they've crossed over.
The best way to get validation that the experience was real, OR to ask for help if your loved one is not coming through and you want them to?
Seek out a psychic medium who can help facilitate contact, and who can build a bridge between this world and the next.
In my own experience, I was visited by a co-worker who died suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of the night, more than 2000 miles away. I was stunned... the next morning, when I went into work and discovered that my nighttime "dream" was actually a reality, as the news had spread about what had happened.
I told no one, though. And it was not' until I called a medium 2 weeks later, something I DIDN'T believe in at the time, who conveyed to me the specifics of the conversation, how we had said goodbye, why this co-worker had appeared to me, and even the odd "outfit" he was wearing, did I break down and realize this was a 100% true experience that forever has changed my life, and what I believe is possible (both in this life... and the next!).
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