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Ghosts, the Other Side, and Higher Dimensions: Part Two

Alright, exactly what is this place called the Other Side?
Sylvia Browne says, "The Other Side is where our spirits come from when we enter the womb waiting to be born and where our spirits go when we die. It is heaven, paradise, more stunningly beautiful then our earthly minds can imagine." She says this higher plane is right here in our midst, "another dimension superimposed on our own world... " She also says, "Its vibrational frequency is much higher than ours, which is why we don't perceive it." Oh, and incidentally, she says you can't age there; you look as young as you want to.
So the Other Side and "this side" are located in the same place but on different dimensional frequencies. You might think you are in a room all alone, but beings could be all around you. They might not perceive you any more than you might not perceive them, although many times if you happen to see a ghost wandering down the hall of your house, this being will see you too.
Sylvia Browne says the Other Side is where our true home is, and says, "We are separated by nothing but a natural transition we call 'death,' a transition that is really the joyful cycle of our eternal spirit going Home again." You could say the Earth plane is school, and the Other Side is our Summer vacation, but at home. Taking a vacation at home? Sounds backwards, because in the earth plane taking a vacation from home seems to make sense. But apparently our real Home is so vast, so wonderful, who would want to leave it? Unfortunately, we have to come here for training, learning life's lessons, this school of hard knocks, so we can grow and learn to wake up to the "real world" - which is NOT the earth plane.
So the Other Side is essentially where souls live. Churches may call this heaven, or other traditions refer to Nirvana or Paradise, but it's not an actual location; it's a vibrational frequency, a higher dimensional level. This higher dimension we call the Other Side is not just limited to our planet Earth. I believe it exists on every life-bearing planet. In fact, I believe that not only the Other Side, but many dimensional levels exist throughout the Universe. Perhaps here on Earth the Other Side is the closest level to our earthly plane.
The exhilarating movie, What Dreams May Come suggests that the Other Side is a beautiful place where you create things the way you want them to be. Each person can create his or her own personal world, whether it be gorgeous landscapes or a wonderful villa home, or what-have-you. Each person's creation doesn't conflict with anyone else's, because there are no limitations there, there is only vast spaciousness. I believe the Other Side is worlds within worlds, or dimensions within dimensions. There are no time or space constraints there, because its parameters are eternity and infinity. And yet there are no great distances. If you wish to travel ten-thousand light-years away, you can be there in a split-second. That leads to my own personal dream, when I hope to reach the Other Side, to be able to freely travel to the stars and planets, and other galaxies, and to explore and experience the whole Universe eventually, not just planet Earth; yes, to boldly go where no human with a physical body has gone before - because if they have, they are actually astral projecting.
Although things may appear just as physical as it did in the Earth plane, things are far more refined and vivid and intense to the senses. Back on the earth plane everything would appear very dull, dim, and dismal in comparison. The Other Side is the place of light after all, where colors are vivid, bright, and clear.
Now, I have many questions I don't have answers to, although I can guess. Can you eat on the Other Side? Do you have blood-and-guts bodies? Do they have bathrooms there? And toilet paper? Or are your insides made up of ectoplasm, or just energy? Is it true you can look as young as you want to, and not age? Are you free to go beyond the planet Earth? Can you fly around and go anywhere you want? Can you meet famous celebrities up their? Like Elvis? Gandhi? Or Jesus? Can anyone make mistakes there, a big boo-boo, or even "sin"? Are bad people allowed there, or do they go somewhere else? Are there separate dimensional levels for people depending on how enlightened or unenlightened they are?
I don't believe in hell, not as a physical locality, but I say it's more of a state of mind. Most likely lost souls might create their own personal hells, or so I have heard, and this is also what makes them ghosts. So they're probably stuck in this self-created hell, until they wake up, or repent, get therapy, or seek help. Sylvia Browne calls this hellish frequency the "Dark Side."
Many ghosts who are trapped in this limbo dimension between the Earth plane and the Other Side might be experiencing their personal hell, although they are usually confused and disoriented and not aware that they have died. But I believe like many psychics and clairvoyants do, that it's up to the individual beings to decide when they're is going to move on, and by moving on I mean moving on into the Light that will free these ones and lead them to their true home, the Other Side.
So the next time you see a ghost, who is most likely lost, don't say, "I don't believe in ghosts," but smile and ask, "Can I help you?"
Reference: The Other Side and Back by Sylvia Browne
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