Monday, October 29, 2012

Crystal Children Characteristics and Traits

Wondering whether you are a Crystal or not? Maybe you know someone that you suspect being Crystal? Let me explain the Crystal children's characteristics and traits.
Crystal children, along with Indigo and Rainbow children, are often referred to as the new age children. What makes these people similar is their amazing abilities, which are often paranormal. The Indigos have been appearing since before the hippie movement, while the Crystals started appearing in the mid 80s. Rainbow children are a newer type that did not appear before the 21st century.
Here are some common Crystal children characteristics and traits:
  • They have big eyes.
  • They have a high IQ. Many have an IQ of 160 while the average is around 130.
  • They often start talking in late childhood. Usually around the age of 3. It's speculated that the reason for this is because of their telepathic abilities.
  • They are very empathetic and sensitive.
  • They are often (wrongly) diagnosed with ADHD.
  • They are often telepathic. There have been many cases where this has been reported.
  • They are careful about what they eat. They often prefer healthy meals and many are vegetarians.
  • They are forgiving and often quite naive.
  • They tend to have an interest in spirits, religion and the supernatural. Some say they can also see ghosts.
  • Their aura has a Crystal color. This is the reason for their name.
These are just some of the characteristics of Crystal children. Many people believe that these kids are signs of the next evolutionary step for us humans.
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