Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Find Your Soulmate and True Spiritual Partner (2 Simple Rules for Love That Lasts Forever)

Who else is sick and tired of being in BAD relationships that started out great... but fizzled fast? Do you find yourself feeling desperate, or confused or simply NOT sure what, or if you are doing wrong when it comes to the people... or the partners you pick to live with and love?
It's interesting, because a love and relationship intuitive who spends WAY too much of her free time reading articles on love, romance and relationship, it amazes me how much BAD (and disempowering) information there is out there... especially for women.
For example?
I just read an article on 10 things that women could do to meet their match... and in my view, at least half of them were depressing, dangerous or simply DOOMED to disappoint!
The truth is, finding your soulmate is EASY. And it becomes effortless once you know the trick... and you commit yourself to the idea that there IS someone out there just for you.
As matter of fact...
The most important factor for finding that one true spiritual soulmate or partner can be summarized in ONE simple word:
(And a PASSION in the idea that that your life has genuine PURPOSE and that there is one special soul out there who is here to join your in a joyous journey of spiritual growth and unfolding)
I'll give you one other word, and an idea that I truly helps you find exactly what you are looking for... without wasting time on kissing frogs, making mistakes and experiencing the sort of heartbreak way too many of us experience, especially women:
A soulmate is about having standards. And NOT settling for something that feels good, or makes you less lonely, or satisfies a temporary hole you have in your life.
That is the reason so MANY women make lifelong mistakes... and end up going through most of their lives, and their relationships, feeling pain, hurt, rejection and ultimately... divorce, or disappointment or worse.
How can you combine both of those ideas into a simple strategy that works wonderfully well?
Believe in something BIG. Both for yourself... and in that perfect person that you pick. (not perfect in the sense that they are without flaws, but perfect in the sense that they are perfect for YOU!)
It's amazing what can happen when you really believe that there is someone who is specifically here to complement YOUR life, and you raise your standards to NOT expect anything less.
When you do this, the Universe conspires to give you what you want, and you'll be amazed at just how quickly all of the perfect pieces of YOUR puzzle fall into place. (I promise!)
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