Monday, October 15, 2012

Love Astrology: How the Karma of Connection Affects YOUR Ability to Find True Love

I believe that everyone comes into the world with a soulmate or spiritual partner....pretty much picked out BEFORE you are born.
Or maybe said a bit better.....I believe that each of us choose who we are going to love in this lifetime, and the lessons we are supposed to learn from relationship are pretty much understood BEFORE we even meet up again.
There is very little chance, luck or coincidence in life....especially when it comes to matters of the heart, spiritual growth or the karma of connection.
Many first time readers here a term like "karma" and think it means something weird, exotic or "new age".
It doesn't. And every religion and spiritual tradition under the sun has some form of karmic teaching at the core of what it teaches, preaches and hopes it adherents will follow.
For example?
The basic law of "you reap what you sow" is pretty much present in ALL religious and spiritual teaching.
And karma is all about aligning outcomes, with actions. Cause and effect. You get what you give. What comes around GOES around. And so forth.
So how where do KARMA, astrology and LOVE intersect?
Quite simply, I believe that we come into this world with 2 primary purposes.
1 - To grow, evolve and develop spiritually
2 - To find, feel and OFFER true and unconditional love
I believe that the Universe knows who is the perfect spiritual match for each of us, and that it conspires to help us find, or be re-united with that perfect person, ONCE we open ourselves up to this truth.
The real reason most people will NOT find true love?
Because they listen to their heads....and NOT to their hearts. So many of us make decisions about love, lust, romance and relationship based on what our heads tell us is sensible, logical or looks good on "paper", without any real understanding of our true life purpose. (which I believe is to be re-untied with our one true love......before this lifetime is complete)
This is NOT just a new age concept by the way.....
All major religions teach us that we have a spiritual soulmate, and that our lives our incomplete unless we find them.
Judaism, for example....or Kabllah (the mystical form of judaism I practice) teaches us that we each have a "beshert" or spiritual soulmate a birth, and that our souls are literally split in half before we are born....and that our ONLY real job is to find our other half before we depart this life.
Not recognizing this can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness....and for settling for far less love than we truly deserve.
Most potentially unfortunate?
Many believe that your spiritual karma can be "re-set" and if you don't find your true spiritual soulmate, that someone else can step in and substitute in your place. (I don't know if I believe this is true.....but many do, and it's a pretty common motivator as well!)
The truth is, if you don't think that you've EVER met someone that is truly right for you, a love astrology reading can help light the way. So too can deep meditation, visualization, tarot, or even a karma or past life reading that reveals your spiritual journey to arrive at where you are right now.
And while all of this may SOUND hard to believe and understand, the truth is....with divorce rates hovering at 60% + and MOST couples admitting to being unhappy, the price you pay for setting for less than you deserve in love and life is NOT a price I'm willing to pay! (and those of us who believe in soul-mates and spiritual partnerships are FAR happier than our counterparts who don't!)
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