Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Witchcraft Love Spells: Should I or Should I Not?

So how long has it been since you went out on date? Are you getting desperate enough to actually use witchcraft in order to find love? Before going over the deep end and joining a coven, think first. Is this really worth selling your soul over? Is this really worth the risk of crossing over to the dark side? Contrary to popular belief, the practice of Wicca is witchcraft. If you are a Christian, then participation in witchcraft of any kind is strictly prohibited. Why? I can say with all certainty that our God, the Christian God, the one and only true God, has His reasons. He wisely chose not to scare us with the details because giving glory to evil was not on the agenda.
However, I can tell you from personal experience with those who have chosen to experiment with the mystical world of witchcraft and the dark arts that their lives are not the better for it; they are never the same. In fact, it is not unusual for many people, who delve into casting witchcraft love spells or otherwise, to begin experiencing the sudden onset of serious health problems for no apparent reason. Doctors are left baffled in battling to save their lives on many occasions and the curses do not stop there. The entire family suffers. Pets suddenly grow ill and die, children develop deseases not common to family heritage, and fatal accidents occur. If this is happening to you, how many red flags does it take to get your attention?
Besides all that, the fact is you are manipulating the circumstances by attempting to control a person's free will. Is that your right? Absolutely not! And what makes you think this won't backfire on you? Eventually, it most likely will, which should not surprise you. No amount of witchcraft love spells, lotions, potions, or otherwise will stick forever. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that you are violating a law of nature when trying to control and manipulate a person's mind, will, and emotions.
There is no real fountain of youth. It is inevitable that gravity will take it's toll on our bodies. How can any kind of witchcraft love spells bring about true love; the unconditional kind of love that the Bible teaches about in I Corinthians chapter 13? This is the kind of love that will promise to stay with you through the good times and the bad, through sickness and in health; and in my case, fatness and thinness.
Beloved, only God can do this for you. There is no need to test His trustworthiness any further. God promises to stick closer to you than a brother. You can depend on him totally without a doubt. There aren't enough witchcraft love spells in the world that can do this for you. There is no major power, VIP, or coven leader on earth who can bring a lifelong lover into your life with the eternal passion of Christ as your Bridegroom. Only the love and power of God can do that for you. And He will, if you ask Him to. He's standing at the door of your heart knocking even now. Why don't you open the door, invite him in, and tell him what's on your heart today? No, He's not a magic genie, a warlock, or a magician, but He has been known to do a miracle or two every now and then. And He knows what you need most. You can trust Him with your life and your love life.
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