Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells - Bring Miracles to Life in an Ancient Way

The ancient Egyptian civilization was renowned not only for the architectural wonders like the sphinx and pyramids they built, their pharaohs and mummies, Egyptian gods, goddesses and astrology, but also for the mesmerizing magic they practiced for centuries.
It were those strange and rhythmic incantations and cosmic invocations chanted by witch doctors and mysterious rites and rituals performed by priests which contribute to the enchanting and heady charm that the ancient Egyptian civilization still holds for many of us.
The ancient Egyptians, regardless of which social strata they belonged to, were preoccupied with magic spells and charms, with the supernatural and with death. Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells were chanted by magicians, who also made cosmic invocations, to ward off evil spirits, illness and danger and also to cure ailments.
In fact, these are the stuff that makes ancient Egyptian culture so mysterious, richly fascinating and thrilling to millions of romantics around the world.
Magic Spells
The Egyptians often referred to the Book of the Dead that had in it some two hundred Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells that could help those familiar with magic and spells, to overcome and defeat the threats posed by the underworld - how to defeat or avoid demons, how to avoid traps, how to overcome fearful wild beasts and so on.
Among these Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells is a rather potent spell for transformation - a spell that enabled an individual to transform himself into various types of creatures like a honed snake or a mythical phoenix. Just to let you know, to pass the hurdle of the Day of Judgment one required the help of the mysterious spells.
In order to guarantee a safe passage and move through the fearful and scary trials and tribulations laid out by the Underworld, the correct magic spells had to be recited properly. Only then one could gain the passport to enter the next phase - the Hall of Two Truths where people would be judged and examined for all the actions they committed during their mortal lives.
The magician priests in ancient Egypt had access to strange and secret spells which could make an ordinary ancient Egyptian immortal. Naturally, people in ancient Egypt loved to believe that they could endow life to animal figures and transform living people into bestial creatures and perform other such miracles with the help of Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells.
It was the Book of the Dead, the Coffin texts and the Pyramid Texts which contained most of these magic spells. One of the most important aspects of the Egyptian burial rituals of the ancient times was the casting of spells and wearing of amulets that contained magic spells inside them.
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