Monday, June 18, 2012

Mayan 2012 Prophecy Portends the End Of the Age Of Pisces, Not the World

2012 is here and we need a simple methodology to use to protect ourselves from the powerful energies that are inundating the Earth at this time.
That is what it is all about. Energy. All is energy. You are energy, I am energy. God (which ever one you believe in) is energy.
The Mayans knew this, as did most of the ancient religions, which flourished before monotheism, steam rolled them into oblivion.
When the Mayans talk about the end of the world, they were not talking about the end of the physical world a you and I know it.
They were talking about the end of the energy world which manifested the Age of Pisces and all its physical, mental and emotional components.
We are in a new age now. The Age of Aquarius and we are governed by a new planetary ruler, Uranus.
The energy that will b e felt by every human on the planet will be a new energy. It will be a very powerful energy. It will be both a cleansing energy and a consciousness raising energy.
The Mayans, who were brilliant astrologers, knew that when the planet moves from one great 2000 year cycle into another one the physical manifestations of the old cycle dies. It is the end of the world for the Age of Pisces.
It has happened many times before.
The Age of Aquarius will create a huge shift in consciousness. Nothing will remain the same We cannot do business in the same old materialistic way.
The new energy being poured down on the planet will be a Mind energy and this mind energy will push everyone into a higher spiritual state.
Well not everyone. There are three groups of people on the planet Those who are not the least interested in God or spirituality who are centered in the belly and sexual chakras. They will be affected the most. The new energies will increase what they do. More sex, drugs, unconscious behavior. When it reaches critical mass within each of them they will be painfully forced off the planet.
This is the separation of the wheat and the chaff.
The greater majority who try to do the correct thing, the good housekeepers, will fell the constant pressure of this new spiritual energy. If they are wise they will heed the voices coming from within themselves and follow a more spiritual path and save themselves from destruction.
Then there are the seekers after wisdom, a very small majority (5-10%) who will be empowered by this new spiritual energy and become the new wise leaders for the next 2000 years.
This is where humanity stands now. This is the End Time the Mayans spoke of. This is the kali yuga, revelations and all the other end time scenarios spoken about.
It has happened many times before. The Earth cannot be destroyed. It has been here for millions of years and will continue for millions of years.
The only things that can be destroyed are the different waves of humanity who use the Earth as their temporary home.
Time for all of us to climb out of the inch square box that we have been forced into by the churches and the government who want to keep us in the dark as to our true reality and destiny.
You don't have to believe a word I am saying. But just look at all the decay all around you. We are truly living in the land of Sodom and Gomera. Only instead of an avenging angle coming to clean up the mess, higher more powerful energies called the Age of Aquarius will do it. I don't know all the answers for survival except this one.
Become more spiritual and less materialistic. Go within and stop looking without for answers.
Ellis Peterson is a retired Math Professor living in Florida. He is the author of the E book "Spiritual Quantum Physics'.
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