Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Is the Silver Cord? The Inside Scoop on Weird Out of Body Phenomena That MAY Be Real

What is the silver cord in out of body and astral projection literature supposed to mean? Does it symbolize something in our collective unconscious, or is it a real thing that connects our physical body to our spiritual self?
The funny thing is, even if you are hard core, true blue believer in psychic and paranormal experiences, the silver cord is a pretty controversial topic.
I've seen arguments break out amongst people who experiment with, and regularly have out of body experiences, or astral travel adventures, with some believing they are real, and others believing they are simply a construction of the imagination. (and NOT emblematic of an authentic spiritual experience)
Some common thoughts?
Some believe that the silver cord connects the ethereal body with the physical. (and separation can lead to physical death)
Others believe that the silver cord is only a metaphor, or a psychic "archetype" that is passed on from generation to generation, and somehow gets embedded in the awareness of the astral traveler... hence, they believe it's real, and there.
Others like myself, simply aren't sure! Why? Because I've had plenty of OBE's, and have never seen a silver cord of any kind, YET... at the very same time, it strikes me as odd that so many unrelated people see the same sort of visual imagery in the out of body experience, and have it NOT be something that is there for some.
As a matter of fact, there is some reference to a silver cord going back hundreds of years, and across many different cultures, continents and centuries of time, making it very unlikely to me that's it a complete fabrication.
Also, many people believe that the soul, or spiritual self leaves the body every night during sleep... and the "subtle" body, flies freely without any cord or connection with your physical body, and only returns when you awake and regain ordinary awareness. (or at least what we consider to be ordinary awareness, the OBE state might be the REAL world and THIS one... only a illusion:-)
Did you know, for example, that in Hindu and some Buddhist literature, the subtle body or etheric energy of every person enters what are called the "Bardo" realms that the soul occupies between consciousness and sleep? This is the same place that many OBE'rs visit during the astral travel or out of body experience, and is also very similar to the "heaven" that many people who come close to death, but are revived... report as well.
What do you think about the silver cord? Have you seen one? Have you had an OBE experience? Many people who experiment with binaural beats claim to see a silver cord as well, which in my mind, might be a connection. (no pun intended..;-)
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