Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Psychic Children The Truth Behind Psychic Kids

The Universal Energy Source
If you've heard that children don't possess any psychic abilities, then you've heard wrong. In fact, children possess more psychic potential than most adults do! This is because they are able to more easily and effortlessly connect with universal psychic energy source, known commonly as "chi".
As children, we explore the world differently with our senses. We are ever curious about everything around us, and we have open and unobscructed minds. We are willing to learn, to feel, and to discover. At an unconscious level, children therefore are able to open themselves to the universal life-force energy source. This is the source from which all psychics derive their strengths.
As we become older, however, our minds and our senses become cluttererd with all of our supposed "knowledge". We unconsciously block ourselves to the energy source, and we no longer allow our senses to be open and unobstructed. We are unwilling to discover. In other words, we are unable to access our psychic potential. This is why most adults do not possess psychic abilities.
Does this Mean that All Children are Psychic?
Not necessarily. While it is true that children have a much easier time connecting to the universal energy source, some kids have a harder time with it than others. Though everyone is connected to chi at some level, those who can barely sense it are not psychic in the way that most people think of a psychic; that is, they do not possess any psychic abilities. The greater a child's connection with the energy source, the more easily they are able to tap into their psychic potential and use their psychic abilities.
Common Psychic Abilities for Children
The most common psychic ability for a child is called "clairsentience," meaning "clear feeling." A child with clairsentience is able to sense at a deeper level what is happening in the world around them. Sometimes, clairsentient children have something like very strong "gut" feelings that turn out to be true. More often, however, they simply receive a clairsentient feeling that allows them to just "know" when something is true, good, wrong, dangerous, ETC.
A second common psychic ability that children possess is called "empathy." This is an ability that allows a psychic to feel what another person is feeling. Complete empathy is a rare and extreme situation where the psychic experiences the feelings of someone else as though they were their own. Incomplete empathy is more common, and occurs when the psychic remotely experiences the feelings of others. Child empaths often discover this ability with animals such as their houshold pets.
What does this mean?
If you possess Psychic Potential, you must develop your abilities to uncover your true Psychic Power. Otherwise, your Psychic Power will never amount to anything useful! What a waste!
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