Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

December 26th, 1980, the day after Christmas, and only a few days before the New Year. Quite a few service-people are still on guard at RAF Woodbridge, near Suffolk in the UK. However, their minds are concerned with coming parties or missing their families.
What they didn't expect, was for unidentified lights to appear West of their position, and descend into the forest. But this is what happened, at least 3 nights in a row, in Rendlesham Forest.
The Rendlesham Forest incident, as its known, is probably the most publicized UFO event to happen in Britain, and is compared with Roswell in terms of importance. On December 26th, 27th, and 28th strange lights were spotted outside of RAF Woodbridge by USAF Personnel, and were investigated. Local Police joined service people, though many came to the conclusion that the lights were from the nearby Oxford Ness Lighthouse.
The following two nights, similar sightings were made, and even confirmed by one Lt. Colonel Halt; the deputy base commander. Colonel Halt even went so far as to use a micro-cassette recorder to create audio of the investigation. Some have speculated that during the investigation, that video was made of the supposed objects, and is kept by the Air Force.
Over the course of the next few days, quite a bit of evidence emerged. Triangular impressions thought to be dents made by landing gear, were found. However, local police came to the conclusion that these same impressions could have been made by farm animals.
Overall, it is harder to tell what happened, and harder still to prove that Extraterrestrial Contact was made. However, the presence of multiple eye-witnesses, all of them being US Military Personnel, and one being an Active Duty Lt Colonel, is definitely cause to take the matter seriously.
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