Friday, June 22, 2012

The Evangelical Religion

Beginning in Great Britain in the 1700's, Evangelicalism, which is a Protestant Christian movement, followers have the belief that they must be "born again". It's about personal conversion and focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Being "born again" means rebirth. It is a spiritual birth by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. When we are first born, which everyone experiences, that is the birth of the flesh. To be spiritually reborn, one would accept Christ and therefore be able to go to heaven once life on this earth is complete.
The term "evangelical" is used by a number of different break offs mostly stemming from the Roman Catholic Church. The word itself comes from the Greek word for "Gospel" or "good news". People who follow and evangelical faith have life principles founded on the New Testament and therefore are Christian.
Often times the Evangelical religion is classified as the middle ground religion between theological liberalism and Fundamentalist Christianity. This classification comes from the view that liberal parties seem to concede to the values of the world yet their fellow Fundamentalists have lost the Christ-like heart.
For those evangelicals in North America, their social views tend to be very conservative. We can see this especially in the aspects of marriage being defined between one man and one woman and also their views against abortion. Evangelicals oppose same sex marriage and tend to oppose laws that would permit abortion.
The influences from evangelicals during election times are great. There is always a large appeal of the Christian right in red states and there seems to be huge success when it comes to appealing to certain social agendas. It is believed that Christianity should have a place among public life since the Untied States was founded on principles surrounding religious freedom. This however doesn't mean that all evangelicals lean towards the more conservative side when it comes to politics. There are members on both sides.
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