Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Astral Travel For Beginners - 4 Rules for Your First Astral Projection Experience

Who else is fascinated by the art and science of astral projection? Are you just starting to experiment and need a little guidance? If so... THIS article, and the 4 rules below were written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!
Rule #1: Set no expectations. (but BELIEVE you can do it)
There is a lot of new age nonsense out there when it comes to all kinds of spiritual experience. Astral projection is NO different. You CAN do it... but you've GOT to filter the fluff. Don't go into the experience of astral projection with some sort of lofty idea about what is going to happen, simply because you were promised a life changing experience on your first try. It rarely happens that way, and holding on to this idea leads more folks to fail and give up... than anything else.
Rule #2: Say no to DRUGS.
That should sound silly in an astral projection article, BUT... the simple truth is, about 20% of the folks teaching astral travel preach using THC, different herbs, natural "medicines", and artificial accelerators as well. The truth is, while those things CAN work, and may allow you to speed up the altered state experience, you'll never know how much of the experience was real, versus a hallucination or after affect of chemicals in your brain. (plus the BEST OBE experiences are 100% natural, and that's the ONLY high you'll ever need!)
Rule #3: Find a Friend
You'll have much better luck, and a much more profound experience, if you can find someone to experiment and explore with for sure. Plus it makes it more fun... and you can document, detail and describe your experiences together, as a tandem or small group. (it also obviously helps to verify and validate that the experience was real, if 2 or more people have the same shared experiences, it's MUCH more difficult to describe away as a hallucination or imaginary trip that didn't really happen)
Rule #4: Avoid Caffeine for 24 hours
This is a rule I often have a difficult time following myself. (I love coffee and drinks LOTS of it!) But, adrenaline will affect your ability to relax your mind enough to facilitate the experience. Remember, mediation, or deep relaxation is critical for allowing the consciousness to shift out of the body. Stimulants are the enemy of the ethereal realms... and will severely affect your ability to have the experience in the first place.
Lastly, don't over think it. Spiritual experiences are your birthright... and natural state outside of our cultural conditioning. When you drop all thought, fear, worry and community conditioning, the spiritual state, of which astral projection is certainly 1... becomes eminently available. (and a whole lot of fun as well!)
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