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Lucky Feng Shui Gems, Crystals and Minerals for Snake Year 2013-14

Gem, Crystal and Mineral are extremely popular as their polished, bright, multi-faceted forms heighten positive and diminish negative energies wherever located. Frequently used as Feng Shui remedies and 'Cures' they have serious good-luck and wealth attraction potential during Snake Year 2013-14 considering it has wealth-linked Water as Year Element.
The Snake itself is an ongoing Chinese luck and good fortune symbol(forget western Biblical traditions of 'wicked serpents'). The Feng Shui principle of 'resemblance' assists those eager to improve their prospects during this period in surprising ways.
Mineral Money Magnets
Feng Shui wealth-enhancers aka 'money-magnets' from the Gem, Crystal and Mineral kingdom obviously include Diamonds. Traditionally graded in 'Waters' these symbolise the 2013-14 Year Element's wealth associations.
Feng Shui's 'resemblance' principle means Iron Pyrites and Citrine (aka the Merchant Stone' as it brings wealth to businesses)also assist here as their appearance is similar to Gold. Quartz too has much to offer as it magnifies and amplifies energies of materials displayed alongside it for these purposes.
The 'real thing' would be ideal but too expensive for most to even consider. 'Resemblance' however means glass and plastic imitation Diamonds (even photos and artwork) function equally well. Found only in Herkimer USA (but available from Crystal Shops and suppliers everywhere) Herkimer Diamonds, inexpensive Quartz crystals with a particularly pleasant appearance, function as both energy amplifiers and wealth-attractors. Even plastic copies of Quartz crystals enhance the energies and effects of other crystals and objects they are placed next to!
The South East 'Wealth' (or Wood) sector of locations is where Crystal 'wealth attractors' should be deployed during this period as Water 'supports' Wood in 5 Elements Feng Shui. To further encourage your prosperity to grow add Topaz, Aventurine and Agate to your displays.
'Mock' Mineral Money Makers: 'Resemblance'
As real Diamonds aren't needed and glass or plastic copies work equally well (similarly diamond pictures or photos) these are fortunately cheaper and easier to find. Thanks to the 'resemblance' principle an old store promotion supplied me with some extra-large plastic diamonds.
Gold and Silver ingots were once used as Chinese Currency. Thus, stage props like fake gold-bullion bars and even 'Stage-money' are also excellent for weath-enhancement purposes, similarly old Chinese coins (copper rather than plastic copies).
Objects for Wealth Enhancement Purposes
Metal and Crystal Dragons (Chinese not Western) and Crystal Treasure Ships have clear Water/Wealth connexions, likewise wealth-growing Crystal Trees (especially Agate ones). The 3-Legged Toad or 'Chan Chu', particularly when pictured sitting on piles of coins, is always a popular water-linked wealth-attractor.
Love and Romance Luck
Place clear and Rose Quartz samples together in rooms and dwellings' S.W 'Relationship' sector to improve your fortune in this area (as we know, Quartz amplifies energies of adjacent crystals). Polished cabouchons, solid pieces of matrix or 'points' are all equally useful for this. Assist your endeavours further by adding Rhodonite, Pink Morganite and Rodochrosite to your displays.
Business and Career Luck
Kept next to till or computer Citrine, the 'merchant stone' via the 'resemblance' principle (thanks to its golden colour) can enhance your prospects and generate 'feel good' vibes, especially when placed in locations' North Business Sector. Pyrites placed next to mobiles and laptops will absorb negative energies to assist you further.
For General Protective Purposes
Particularly if placed around the foot of the bed, Blue Calcite, Haematite (the polished black variety in particular) and Black Tourmaline will provide positive protective support during Snake Year 2013-14.
Mirrors and Quartz both are both Yin Metal which supports Water and its Wealth Associations in 5 Elements Feng Shui. Displays reflected by the former and supported by the latter may prove particularly effective in the background during Yang Water Snake Year 2013-14.
To encourage wealth and prosperity to flow into your life, display fake diamonds on desktops during Yang Water Snake Year (2013-14). Add some fake Gold ingots, bars, Pyrites, a Horse-Shoe Magnet and 3-4 Chinese Coins (Yang-side up) linked by a red thread. Some Quartz and a 'Chan Chu'/Three-Legged Toad would also be ideal!
Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed.publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine' free online. Peter's interests include Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Daoism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology, alongside gem and crystal Feng Shui.
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Senior Student of GrandmasterYap Leong, Peter also teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U. K. as Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for the region.
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