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Top 10 UFO Sightings

Welcome to the top 10 UFO sightings, these sightings come from different stages in our history, and were reported by people from all walks of life. UFOs have been zipping about in our skies for a very long time, doing whatever the hell it is they do?! surveying the Earth, surveying us, both neither? not many people can say for certain what these strange disc and cigar like craft are really doing, all we can do is look up, wonder and imagine.
Sighting number 10 was made over 2000 years ago in 332 b.c. by multiple witnesses, the witnesses in this case were Macedonian soldiers laying siege to the city fortress of Tyre and they were commanded by Alexander The Great. Alexander's forces were having great trouble breaching the city because it was built on an island and had high walls all around it that were right up against the sea, making matters worse they could only attack it from a narrow stone causeway which they themselves had to build. Frustratingly they were being easily repelled by the thick high walls of Tyre and the defenders on top, until... to the attacking and defending soldier's amazement 2 silver shields appeared in the sky and one of these "shields" dove repeatedly at the section of the wall Alexander's troops aimed to breach. This unexpected flying object fired "beams of light" at this section of the wall causing it to collapse, allowing Alexander's troops to pour in and take the city! Of course there is argument among historians about whether this happened or not but it's interesting enough to earn a place on this list.
Sighting number 9 happened 200 years before Alexander's siege of Tyre. In 593 b.c. Ezekiel witnessed his now famous flying "wheel" near the Cheber river in Iraq. In his own writings Ezekiel recorded and described a "flying chariot". His strange sighting begins when he observes a windstorm coming towards him from the north, this storm took the shape of a huge cloud emitting lightning and brilliant light. As it got nearer Ezekiel saw that in the centre of this huge cloud was something that looked like glowing metal, and drawing nearer still he saw 4 beings shaped like men. he described them as each having four faces (human - lion - ox - eagle) and four wings, it is unclear whether these "four beings" were alive or metallic adornments attached to this flying craft. Beneath each creature was a wheel intersecting a wheel which Ezekiel described as "sparkling like chrysolite". Chrysolite is a green emerald like crystal. Above the 4 beings Ezekiel saw what he described as "an expanse, sparkling like ice, and awesome". Because Ezekiel was known to record things in great detail elsewhere there is no reason to believe he didn't do so here, which makes this a very unconventional flying machine indeed, a truly unidentified flying object.
Sighting number 8 occurred in 1676 when the famous astronomer Edmond Halley was observing the sky. He witnessed in his own words "A vast body seemingly bigger than the moon", of course this flying object could have been a great deal closer to Halley than the moon which would make it seem larger. He also reported that it emitted a noise which sounded like a huge cart rolling over stones, being an adept mathematician he worked out its speed as being over 9000 miles per hour!
Sighting number 7 happened in Egypt over 3000 years ago, and was written down by "the scribes of the house of life". They wrote that in mid-winter, on the sixth hour of the day they (the scribes) witnessed a circle of fire descending from the sky. This circle gave of a foul smell and made no noise, equally confused and afraid the scribes threw themselves down on the ground until the UFO was gone. They reported this odd occurrence to Thutmose the third who was the ruling Pharaoh at that time, after consulting with advisors for the next few days (and obviously drawing a blank) Thutmose got to see this strange flying object for himself, and more than one. It was recorded that after another few days more than one of these circles of fire appeared in the sky and that they shone brighter than the sun, we aren't given an exact number as it is just recorded as "numerous", more than 10? 20? It is difficult to say for sure but nonetheless it remains an interesting sighting.
Sighting number 6 jumps us forward slightly in history to 1803, the location is a stretch of beach north of Tokyo Japan. This is a rather back to front UFO sighting report as the unknown object in question is not witnessed in the sky but emerging from the sea, also the UFO isn't the main point of this sighting, it is the crafts occupant, a woman. Apparently a strange, round craft washed ashore on the beach one day and when locals investigated (presumably fishermen) they found a young beautiful woman inside. This woman spoke a language the locals couldn't understand and the inside of the craft was covered in symbols which also puzzled them. Weirder still, as if the event itself wasn't weird enough, this woman was carrying a rectangular box that she didn't want anyone to touch! This case is known in Japan as the "legend of the hollow ship".
Sighting number 5 brings us even closer to modern times and was reported in 1950 by a terrified United States Air Force officer working at the White Sands test range in the New Mexico desert. This officer and sergeant Jonathan Louette were tasked with taking a jeep out onto the vast missile range and clearing up any debris and burnt out missile shells. Now comes the part most of you won't believe, after driving down the range a few miles they stopped the jeep and both got out, splitting up to search more ground among the endless sand dunes, the officer heard sudden screaming coming from the area he knew the sergeant was in. He sprinted towards the screaming and when he reached the top of a dune he witnessed a Disc shaped craft, low to the ground, reaching down from the bottom of this Disc was a long tentacle type appendage which was wrapped around the sergeant! Sound unbelievable? That's what the officers bosses thought when he got back to base and reported it, he was charged with murder and held until a few days later when sergeant Jonathan Louette's body turned up 20 miles down the range, mutilated with strange precise cutting the officer couldn't possibly have carried out, he was cleared of the murder charge.
Case number 4 comes to us from many miles above the earth, the witnesses were Alan Bean, Jack Lousma and Owen Garriott, all astronauts carrying out various experiments inside the NASA Skylab 3 craft. The three astronauts witnessed a red pulsing object outside their space craft, they watched it for 10 minutes and even took some pictures of it. Being a clever astronaut type, Owen Garriott was able to estimate the size of the object, he worked this out by timing the difference between his own craft (Skylab 3) passing into the earths shadow and the following UFO passing into the shadow after them. This told him the UFO was 25 miles away and 800 feet in diameter! Which was far larger than anything NASA had up there, the Skylab 3 itself was only 150 feet long.
Sighting case number 3 comes from the freezing wastelands of the Yukon in 1996, the first sighting of this unknown craft happened at 8.30 pm beside Fox Lake. 6 witnesses reported seeing a massive UFO moving slowly and quietly across the frozen lake, they described it as being smooth, round and very large. About 30 minutes later and North of Fox Lake multiple witnesses from the village of Pelly Crossing saw the same UFO, shortly after this and to the south in the neighbouring village of Carmacks, four guys in a truck and five family members, looking out their front window also witnessed this massive UFO. This case has been investigated many times from different angles by different people but remains firmly unexplained.
Sighting number 2 happened in 1967 above Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Captain Robert Salas was on duty that night and received a call from the Guard post commander who reported that some of his guards had been seeing strange lights flying above the base in unorthodox patterns. Robert didn't think to much of it the first time but the guard commander called back some minutes later in a very excited state, shouting into the phone! He told Robert Salas (in no uncertain terms) that there was a large red glowing sphere floating outside the base's front gate. Robert quickly ordered him to mobilise his guards to secure the perimeter while he phoned to inform the next person up the ladder what was going on, it was then that something even stranger happened, the warning lights in the missile control room started going of and the nuclear missiles at the base shut one after another to a state where they couldn't be launched. Naturally the military carried out investigations into why the missiles shut down but were unable to find out why.
And last but not least sighting case number 1 happened in December of 1980 in Rendlesham forest, specifically near two RAF bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Both these bases were at that time on loan to the United States Airforce. At 3 am a U.S. Air Force guard patrol witnessed strange lights zipping about above the trees close to the Bentwaters base, 3 soldiers were sent to this wooded area to investigate and as they cautiously approached through the trees they saw a burning orange light near the forest floor. The leader of the 3, sergeant Jim Penniston, later reported that he got close enough to see an object inside the orange light, suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light and the object disappeared. The very next night strange lights were again observed by the base's on duty staff and the base commander, lieutenant colonel Charles Halt, decided to lead a patrol back to the forest area to investigate further. What Charles and members of his patrol witnessed gliding through the dark woods was an eye shaped craft which was dripping what appeared to be molten metal! naturally all the patrol members were mesmerised by this floating - apparently lava dripping oddity so they tried to get closer to it, to find out exactly what it was. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the object moved away from them and out of the trees altogether into a nearby field, where, after floating for another few minutes it silently explodes into 5 smaller white circles of light which disappeared. At this point some of the patrol team noticed more lights in the sky, one of which flew to a direct stop above the patrol and shone a focused beam down to the ground right beside the patrol.
I imagine this encounter answered the question "are aliens real?" for these soldiers, all of whom were ordered not to talk about what they observed that night.
If you want to learn more about any of these strange UFO cases Google has lots of information on all of them, thanks for reading.
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James Carlson said...

I recently noted the above comments regarding UFO interference with ICBM sites at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 (Echo Flight and Oscar Flight), and decided to correct a few misconceptions that both Robert Hastings and Robert Salas seem to be so obsessed with. This apparently stems, for the most part, from their refusal to accept the claims of the only two people who were present at the time: Eric Carlson, the commander of Echo Flight, and Walt Figel, his deputy commander. Both men have repeatedly asserted that UFOs were not involved with those events in 1967. You are welcome to believe whatever you like, but Robert Salas, author of "Faded Giant", and Robert Hastings, author of "UFOs and Nukes", have been repeatedly accused of lying about and/or embellishing details of these incidents by those military veterans who served their nation well during the hottest period of the Vietnam War and the coldest of the Cold War.

If you wish to know exactly what happened in 1967, and why the missiles at Echo Flight actually failed, and why the Oscar Flight claims are so pointless, I encourage you to examine without cost the following narratives:


http://www.scribd.com/doc/42303580/Echo-Flights-of-Fantasy-Anatomy-of-a-UFO-Hoax-by-James-Carlson [this one is an examination of the issues for those unfamiliar with the case]





I would also recommend that you examine the numerous interviews and articles at the Reality Uncovered website: http://www.realityuncovered.net/. Many of the articles discuss the events at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight in March 1967, and include interviews with both the commander and the deputy commander at Echo Flight on March 16, 1967. To this day, Robert Salas insists that both men confirm his claims of UFO interference, which both men deny strongly. Robert Hastings refuses entirely to discuss these matters in detail or answer any questions regarding the testimonies of these two men, preferring instead to attack the integrity and credibility of those publically raising such issues. He refuses to offer anything substantial in the way of evidence, and fails entirely to explain the details of his claims or to answer any of the valid questions raised by his insistence. What he has done is rely on the craven use of blatant lies and baseless insults in regard to his critics without once managing to refute or even discuss their criticisms. Hastings has even gone so far as to invent entirely the titles and alleged contents of various non-existent books relating epilepsy to paranoia and mental illness in order to suggest that one of his many critics shouldn't be trusted because of the epilepsy he has been afflicted with. Incredibly, he has also publically defamed the author of this missive by insisting that his own father "told him" about a nervous breakdown that has apparently been an ongoing crisis for over three years! Meanwhile, he refuses to answer necessary questions regarding his own numerous, proven lies, and has neglected as well to defend his own theories against numerous accusations of massive fraud and profiteering on a scale UFO proponent communities have only rarely been subjected to.

James Carlson said...

A lot information regarding this incident can be found at the Reality Uncovered forum, in particular the Echo Flight Incident thread: http://www.realityuncovered.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1688&sid=fb3fd24f098c0f3bc35595ea1b41a146. Every single detail, digression, discussion or subject of argument asserted by both men has been explained and discussed in great detail in the documents and on the websites you've been directed to. Not one question has been left unanswered, a statement that neither Hastings nor Salas can honestly affirm. Both men, in fact, are proven liars who have created fiction and called it fact, something anyone willing to actually do the research can determine very readily for himself, as the events -- contrary to the claims of Hastings and Salas -- have been declassified since before 1980.

Tim Hebert, an ex-USAF missileer himself, has also written some enlightening articles regarding the case on his blog at: http://timhebert.blogspot.com/. You should take the time to read them.

Dr. David Clarke, for many years an accepted expert regarding the British military forces' investigations of the UFO phenomenon, has also discussed this case in the context of the "UFO and Nukes" connection asserted by Robert Hastings and Robert Salas. You can read his article on the subject at http://drdavidclarke.blogspot.com/2010/11/flat-earth-nukes.html.

The folk tales currently being spread by Hastings and Salas have not merely been dismissed as one possible interpretation of their claims; they have been repeatedly dismantled and shredded -- proven as lies by witness testimony and documented evidence. There is no doubt whatsoever that they created this case outright. There were no UFOs involved -- it is a lie, and nothing more. Witnesses that both men have presented to the public have actually come forward to dispute the claims these men have made. They insist that their statements were taken out of context and distorted purposely in order to suggest the presence of UFOs where no such presence could otherwise be established. Salas and Hastings have perpetrated a UFO hoax of the worst sort, and have attempted to destroy the reputations and career service of better men than themselves.

The commander of Echo Flight on March 16, 1967, CAPT (Ret.) Eric D. Carlson, has released the following definitive statement:

"Let me start by stating that, as best as I can recall, my only contact with Salas and Hastings has been on the phone. I did tell Salas that he could release my name to whomever he wished, don't know why he needed my permission. I have talked to a newspaper writer in Great Falls, several years age, and a TV producer from one of those UFO shows. With both these individuals I denied any knowledge of any UFO's at Malmstrom. In addition, I stated that there was no, repeat no, incident at Oscar flight as Salas maintains. The man is either lying or delusional.

"My only contact with Hastings was a call I received from him regarding his book. I stated that his book sounded interesting and he later sent me a copy which I read and gave away .... At no time did I mention anyone's mental status; yours, mine, his, or Salas', although in retrospect I could comment on Salas'.

James Carlson said...

"My memory is quite good regarding the events at Malmstrom and there is no doubt in my mind that there were no reports of UFO's and no incident at Oscar flight. I will be willing to discuss this with anyone who is truly interested in the facts."

His deputy commander at Echo Flight, COL (Ret.) Walter Figel, Jr., has insisted as well that UFOs were not involved, and adds that his version of this event has been distorted by both Robert Salas and Robert Hastings in order to give the impression that an actual UFO was involved. He asserts very strongly that no UFOs were involved, nor were UFOs ever reported. Regarding the comments made on your website by Robert Hastings, COL. Figel has never, throughout the years I've known him, accused me of lying, and has, in fact, been refreshingly open and definitive in regard to the events of March 1967, and has repeatedly confirmed all of the aspects of this story that I've made available and that my father, Eric Carlson, has repeatedly confirmed. It's all just more of Hastings' pathetic nonsense.

Walt Figel has released numerous comments regarding the incidents of March 1967, including the following definitive statement:


"First – your dad has not lied about anything nor do believe that he is even capable of lying about anything at all. He was, is, and always will be an honorable man. You should remember that always – I will.

"Second – Bob Salas was never associated with any shutdown of any missiles at any time in any flight and you can take that to the bank. Just think about this for a split second. He is a person wrapped up in UFOs to the Nth degree. Yet he could not remember he was not at Echo. Then he thought he was at November – wrong again. Then he thought he was at Oscar – wrong again.

"Third – There is no record about anything happening at November or Oscar except in people’s minds that are flawed beyond imagination. Salas has created events out of the thin air and can’t get the facts straight even then. My best friend to this day was the flight commander of the 10th SMS at the time. He and I have discussed this silly assertion in the past couple of years – he thinks it is all madeup nonsense for sure. I put both Salas and Hastings in touch with him and he has told them both that an incident at November or Oscar never happened. In addition he was subsequently stationed at Norton AFB where the engineers tested the possible problems. No little green men were responsible.

"Fourth – I have always maintained that I do not nor have I ever believed that UFOs exist in any form at any place at any time. I have never seen one or reported that I have seen one. I have always maintained that they had nothing to do with the shutdown of Echo flight in Montana."

James Carlson said...

"Fifth – The event at Malmstrom has a hand written log from me that was turned in just like all the other logs that I wrote over several years. I would think that if I wrote something like that in the log, there would be copies, it would have been classified at the beginning and then released along with the classified SAC messages and base reports. Nothing in that urgent SAC message even hints of UFOs at all and I think that it would if the official logs or telephone calls had referenced that fact.

"Sixth – When it happened, neither your dad nor I were “visibly shaken” by the events. It was just another day with a unexpected event in our lives. It was rather underwhelming at the time. No one rushed out to see us, no one made us sign any papers, no one interrogated us for hours on end.

"There is no Air Force “cover-up” [of the events of March 1967]; it just did not happen the way Salas and has portrayed the course of events. I am sorry that you are all caught up in a pissing contest with these people, I really am. They are just not going to let go no matter what you say or do. He has made a 15 year career pandering about the country talking about things he has no knowledge about. I am not at all interested in taking them on – it’s not worth my effort – I have more important things to do with my life. I much rather just stay out of it.

"Hopefully, we can move on. I did read about a briefing on the 27th here in DC. I am here in VA about 10 miles away. Interesting. Hopefully this helps you and confirms to you at least that your dad is a straight shooter and does not lie to anyone."

Robert Salas' commander at Oscar Flight, Frederick Meiwald, insists that he doesn't even believe in UFOs -- a strange comment to make in light of Salas' insistence that a UFO took out the missiles at Oscar Flight during an incident that resulted in an injury to one non-commissioned officer, requiring that man to be evacuated from the site by helicopter. When interviewed by Robert Hastings, he stated unequivocably that he doesn't remember anything at all about a UFO. In fact, Robert Hastings himself has written:

“Meiwald then elaborated and said that he couldn’t support everything Salas has said about the incident because he had been resting/sleeping when the first missile or two dropped offline -— which occurred moments after Salas received a report from the Oscar Flight Security Controller about a UFO hovering over the Launch Control Facility’s front gate.

“Although Salas had quickly told Meiwald about that telephone conversation, Meiwald says that he can’t remember it.”

In another interview conducted by Hastings, Meiwald is equally clear:

"RH: Okay. Now, when Bob, I think moments [after] he woke you up, or you got up and sat down at the commander’s consol—he of course had received a call from the Flight Security Controller, saying that there was a bright red, oval-shaped object hovering over the security fence gate—my understanding is that is what he told you as soon as you were at your consol, that he had received this call and, uh, that of course coincided with the missiles beginning to malfunction. Do you recall him telling you that?

"FM: I really don’t remember that portion of it, relative to the bright object. I remember an unusual condition [but] as far as the details, uh, I can’t elaborate on that."

The following exchange is also revealing:

"RH: Okay. He of course has also said that you two were, uh, when you were back at Malmstrom, you were debriefed by OSI and required to sign non-disclosure statements. Do you remember that?

"FM: I remember being directed to do that. But that was no problem. I’ve been one of these people, when told to forget something, I forget it—eventually [inaudible].

"RH: Right, well, is that a polite way of saying that you really don’t want to discuss this, even though you know more than you’re saying?

"FM: No, I’m saying I don’t remember."

James Carlson said...

For nearly ten years Salas was using Meiwald as confirmation of the events at both November Flight and Oscar Flight, stating that either my father or someone else called Meiwald on March 16 and told him all about Echo Flight. When interviewed by Hastings, Meiwald stated, "Whatever happened over at Echo, I have no idea." He has rebuffed completely the attempts by Hastings and Salas to establish confirmation for the UFOs they've invented.

Meiwald has also clearly stated in other interviews with Salas that only 3-4 missiles failed during the one missile failures event he has recalled; he's NEVER stated outright that the UFO story he told Salas in 1996 had anything at all to do with missile failures; it's never even been mentioned in context.

My father, the commander of Echo Flight in March 1967, was present when all ten missiles were taken off of strategic alert by an electronic noise pulse generated internally at the launch control facility. This pulse interfered with the normal operation of the logic coupler on the guidance and control module for that facility, causing thereby the failure of the missiles, which were, in effect, simply turned off. The incident was very well documented and was thoroughly investigated, and every word that Robert Salas and Robert Hastings have ever said on the subject has been repeatedly discounted or proven outright to be little more than lies and embellishments created for the purpose of making money from the sales of their books, the sales of associated videos, and the speaking fees they charge as a matter of course when retelling their ridiculous little folk tales.

I'm not asking you to believe these points I've outlined. It isn't necessary, as they're already included in the public record and can be examined by anyone who's interested in the subject. I do ask, however, that you give some further thought to claims you've discussed. You should be aware that there is another point of view in regard to this matter -- one that has been repeatedly confirmed by those men who were actually involved with this singular event in USAF history, has been very well-documented through the years, and was very thoroughly investigated by the USAF for some months after the incident itself.

There were only two witnesses at Echo Flight in March 1967: the commander of the flight, CAPT Eric D. Carlson, and the deputy commander, COL Walter Figel, Jr. Both men have publically afirmed that there was no UFO. Robert Hastings is merely an agitator -- a liar and a fraud who has repeatedly misrepresented the claims of the men involved in these incidents. He started utilizing this methodology years ago, found out it was convincing to a few ignorant people, and continues his path of slander and disruption as a result of this minor success. He's just a petty con-man and a fraudulent huckster -- nothing more.

Most sincerely,
James Carlson
Albuquerque, NM