Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did the Mayans Predict the End of the World?

In the next few weeks, you are going to see the date December 21, 2012 A LOT! The reason this will be all over the news and the internet is because of one reason and one reason only... Death!
Death? What does that have to do with December 21, 2012? Because according to some people, that will be the date of the end of the world. As humans, from the beginning of time, we have all thought about our impending death. As I am writing this and as you are reading it, we are both... dying. We know at some point, we are going to die. It maybe 30 years from now, it maybe tomorrow, it maybe 5 minutes from now but no matter what, we will die. We just don't know when. We WANT to know, we just don't, with the exception of a few terminally ill patients. This is why there are traffic jams of people "gaping" at the latest accident, or so many hit movies that all revolve around the basic premise of someone dying either by accident or murder or sickness. This is also why you are going to see a ton of articles in the next month of the end of the Mayan calendar and what it means to us. Let me give you a little background of the latest prediction of the end of the world...
The Mayan civilization was a very advanced people with complete cities, temples and language. They were very much into astrology and used the stars to devise a calendar that as extremely accurate. That is where the prediction comes from. Their calendar mysteriously ends on December 12, 2012. Why?
Could it be they just didn't feel like going that far into the future thinking they will extend it before it ended? Or was it something else? Did they see something in the stars that we haven't?
Some people believe they were visited by aliens and were told of a mysterious planet X that would hit the earth and destroy it. Others feel perhaps they saw an asteroid on target to hit the earth. Yet others believe they were given a sign from God or a higher power.
We each need to prepare in our own way for our own demise. Whether it is by the end of the world by a major event or by natural causes, we need to prepare.
I am using the Mayan Prediction of the end of the world as a motivator for myself to become a better person and get right with my maker. Do I think the end of the world will come December 21, 2012? No I don't. But it sure is exciting to read about the different theories and what could happen isn't it?
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