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Feng Shui: Water-Snake Year 2013-14 Correspondences

People's unique Birth Year Energies can be adjusted to changing Qi energy-patterns via 5 Elements Feng Shui. Improved, health, fortune and prospects may ensue for those complying with Heaven's Law whilst here on Earth, of their own free-will.
In China and the Far East the Snake is considered a 'lucky' Birth Sign. There, family planning frequently takes Year Animals and Elements into account when choices are made.
Water: Snake Year 2013-14 Year Element
Water Correspondences
Water's Wealth connexions are many (e.g. current accounts, currency, floatation, cash-flow and income-streams). Communications (see above) physical and verbal are linked similarly (e.g. stream-of-consciousness accounts, word-flow, gushing compliments etc). Use the South East 'Wealth' Sector of rooms and dwellings for placements, rather than the North (Helpful People) Sector, for maximum effectiveness during this period.
Crystals and Minerals:
River-bed pebbles are useful for display during this period. Agate, Opal (particularly Fire Opals) and Topaz have auspicious links to the Snake Sign. Crystal/mineral boats, water-features, bowls, fish and figurines can activate appropriate sectors of locations.
Metal backgrounds (colours, materials etc) will also encourage healthy Qi-flows within dwellings during this period as Metal supports Water in Feng Shui (tanks, taps, pipes and pans confirm this, Metal even melts and flows when heated). As Water supports Wood, materials of this nature can be highlighted in foregrounds similarly.
Black (Big, Sea/Salt Water); Blue (Small, Fresh/Drinking Water).
Mirrors, plastics, glass (plain and coloured), natural crystals, silk.
Motifs, Images and Motifs:
Snakes, Taiji Symbols, water-features, Aquaria, the 'Chan Chu' (3-Legged Toad or Money-Frog) crystal-boats and ships, Fish, Lakes, Rivers, Landscapes (especially Water-Colours).
Serpentine, waves and wavy patterns (especially in pastel colours) Willow-patterns and coiling, undulating meandering designs are particularly appropriate.
Scenes and Tableux:
Particularly appealing at this time should be Bodhisattva Kuan Shi Yin, Daoist Immortal and Shaolin Temple Patron Deity's images and statues (particularly Aquarian water-bearing ones). Traffic-flow, communication and travel use, Roads, Streets, and Street scenes also represent Water in Feng Shui terms. Photos, replicas and even drawings can be part of these via 5 Elements Feng Shui's 'resemblance' principle.
Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui consider the influence of Year Animals and Elements in their forecasts and cures. Both play life-long roles (although Elemental influences are still relatively unknown in the West) affecting people and events.
Regarding infants born and nurtured during this period, 5 Elements Feng Shui may help balance and harmonise their initial and later environments. Older Snakes (and others) sharing Water as their Year Element can also benefit from 5 Elements Feng Shui, like individuals of all Birth Year Animals and Elements.
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