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Feng Shui: Water-Snake Year 2013-14 Correspondences

People's unique Birth Year Energies can be adjusted to changing Qi energy-patterns via 5 Elements Feng Shui. Improved, health, fortune and prospects may ensue for those complying with Heaven's Law whilst here on Earth, of their own free-will.
In China and the Far East the Snake is considered a 'lucky' Birth Sign. There, family planning frequently takes Year Animals and Elements into account when choices are made.
Water: Snake Year 2013-14 Year Element
Water Correspondences
Water's Wealth connexions are many (e.g. current accounts, currency, floatation, cash-flow and income-streams). Communications (see above) physical and verbal are linked similarly (e.g. stream-of-consciousness accounts, word-flow, gushing compliments etc). Use the South East 'Wealth' Sector of rooms and dwellings for placements, rather than the North (Helpful People) Sector, for maximum effectiveness during this period.
Crystals and Minerals:
River-bed pebbles are useful for display during this period. Agate, Opal (particularly Fire Opals) and Topaz have auspicious links to the Snake Sign. Crystal/mineral boats, water-features, bowls, fish and figurines can activate appropriate sectors of locations.
Metal backgrounds (colours, materials etc) will also encourage healthy Qi-flows within dwellings during this period as Metal supports Water in Feng Shui (tanks, taps, pipes and pans confirm this, Metal even melts and flows when heated). As Water supports Wood, materials of this nature can be highlighted in foregrounds similarly.
Black (Big, Sea/Salt Water); Blue (Small, Fresh/Drinking Water).
Mirrors, plastics, glass (plain and coloured), natural crystals, silk.
Motifs, Images and Motifs:
Snakes, Taiji Symbols, water-features, Aquaria, the 'Chan Chu' (3-Legged Toad or Money-Frog) crystal-boats and ships, Fish, Lakes, Rivers, Landscapes (especially Water-Colours).
Serpentine, waves and wavy patterns (especially in pastel colours) Willow-patterns and coiling, undulating meandering designs are particularly appropriate.
Scenes and Tableux:
Particularly appealing at this time should be Bodhisattva Kuan Shi Yin, Daoist Immortal and Shaolin Temple Patron Deity's images and statues (particularly Aquarian water-bearing ones). Traffic-flow, communication and travel use, Roads, Streets, and Street scenes also represent Water in Feng Shui terms. Photos, replicas and even drawings can be part of these via 5 Elements Feng Shui's 'resemblance' principle.
Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui consider the influence of Year Animals and Elements in their forecasts and cures. Both play life-long roles (although Elemental influences are still relatively unknown in the West) affecting people and events.
Regarding infants born and nurtured during this period, 5 Elements Feng Shui may help balance and harmonise their initial and later environments. Older Snakes (and others) sharing Water as their Year Element can also benefit from 5 Elements Feng Shui, like individuals of all Birth Year Animals and Elements.
Alongside Chinese Metaphysics, Astrology andl Feng Shui Peter Allsop M.Ed's interests also include Anti-aging Longevity Training, 5 Elements Qigong and Daoism.
Feng Shui Consultant Peter also publishes ' Martial Arts Ezine; Red Dragon' free monthly online.Explore the resources at or
Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong, Peter teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in the U. K. as a Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor.
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Lucky Feng Shui Gems, Crystals and Minerals for Snake Year 2013-14

Gem, Crystal and Mineral are extremely popular as their polished, bright, multi-faceted forms heighten positive and diminish negative energies wherever located. Frequently used as Feng Shui remedies and 'Cures' they have serious good-luck and wealth attraction potential during Snake Year 2013-14 considering it has wealth-linked Water as Year Element.
The Snake itself is an ongoing Chinese luck and good fortune symbol(forget western Biblical traditions of 'wicked serpents'). The Feng Shui principle of 'resemblance' assists those eager to improve their prospects during this period in surprising ways.
Mineral Money Magnets
Feng Shui wealth-enhancers aka 'money-magnets' from the Gem, Crystal and Mineral kingdom obviously include Diamonds. Traditionally graded in 'Waters' these symbolise the 2013-14 Year Element's wealth associations.
Feng Shui's 'resemblance' principle means Iron Pyrites and Citrine (aka the Merchant Stone' as it brings wealth to businesses)also assist here as their appearance is similar to Gold. Quartz too has much to offer as it magnifies and amplifies energies of materials displayed alongside it for these purposes.
The 'real thing' would be ideal but too expensive for most to even consider. 'Resemblance' however means glass and plastic imitation Diamonds (even photos and artwork) function equally well. Found only in Herkimer USA (but available from Crystal Shops and suppliers everywhere) Herkimer Diamonds, inexpensive Quartz crystals with a particularly pleasant appearance, function as both energy amplifiers and wealth-attractors. Even plastic copies of Quartz crystals enhance the energies and effects of other crystals and objects they are placed next to!
The South East 'Wealth' (or Wood) sector of locations is where Crystal 'wealth attractors' should be deployed during this period as Water 'supports' Wood in 5 Elements Feng Shui. To further encourage your prosperity to grow add Topaz, Aventurine and Agate to your displays.
'Mock' Mineral Money Makers: 'Resemblance'
As real Diamonds aren't needed and glass or plastic copies work equally well (similarly diamond pictures or photos) these are fortunately cheaper and easier to find. Thanks to the 'resemblance' principle an old store promotion supplied me with some extra-large plastic diamonds.
Gold and Silver ingots were once used as Chinese Currency. Thus, stage props like fake gold-bullion bars and even 'Stage-money' are also excellent for weath-enhancement purposes, similarly old Chinese coins (copper rather than plastic copies).
Objects for Wealth Enhancement Purposes
Metal and Crystal Dragons (Chinese not Western) and Crystal Treasure Ships have clear Water/Wealth connexions, likewise wealth-growing Crystal Trees (especially Agate ones). The 3-Legged Toad or 'Chan Chu', particularly when pictured sitting on piles of coins, is always a popular water-linked wealth-attractor.
Love and Romance Luck
Place clear and Rose Quartz samples together in rooms and dwellings' S.W 'Relationship' sector to improve your fortune in this area (as we know, Quartz amplifies energies of adjacent crystals). Polished cabouchons, solid pieces of matrix or 'points' are all equally useful for this. Assist your endeavours further by adding Rhodonite, Pink Morganite and Rodochrosite to your displays.
Business and Career Luck
Kept next to till or computer Citrine, the 'merchant stone' via the 'resemblance' principle (thanks to its golden colour) can enhance your prospects and generate 'feel good' vibes, especially when placed in locations' North Business Sector. Pyrites placed next to mobiles and laptops will absorb negative energies to assist you further.
For General Protective Purposes
Particularly if placed around the foot of the bed, Blue Calcite, Haematite (the polished black variety in particular) and Black Tourmaline will provide positive protective support during Snake Year 2013-14.
Mirrors and Quartz both are both Yin Metal which supports Water and its Wealth Associations in 5 Elements Feng Shui. Displays reflected by the former and supported by the latter may prove particularly effective in the background during Yang Water Snake Year 2013-14.
To encourage wealth and prosperity to flow into your life, display fake diamonds on desktops during Yang Water Snake Year (2013-14). Add some fake Gold ingots, bars, Pyrites, a Horse-Shoe Magnet and 3-4 Chinese Coins (Yang-side up) linked by a red thread. Some Quartz and a 'Chan Chu'/Three-Legged Toad would also be ideal!
Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed.publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine' free online. Peter's interests include Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Daoism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology, alongside gem and crystal Feng Shui.
Explore the resources at or
Senior Student of GrandmasterYap Leong, Peter also teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U. K. as Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for the region.
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How Feng Shui Predictions Are Made for 2013

Feng Shui annual predictions come from a variety of sources. We can talk in very general terms when it comes to global predictions, or directionology as it relates to the individual house, as well as some observations specific to the person based on their own birth date.
In the Year of the Snake, it's bound to be a good year for some people, but not necessarily those born in the Year of the Snake, such as the years 1953, 1965, 1977, or 1989. For example, we have five different types of Snake people (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal Snakes). If it sounds a bit like Chinese Astrology, that is because the two predictive arts work really well with each other. In a general way, we can say that the Year of the Snake may be even more challenging to people born in the Year of the Pig because those two signs are always in opposition to each other.
On a larger scale, we can refer to the Snake and Pig directions as being more vulnerable to accidents or mishaps in the Snake Year. When referring to any kind of map, these directions are relative to the center point, so of course there will be overlapping influences. The Snake direction is S/SE and the Pig direction is N/NW. If you did not know before, now you know that the zodiac signs relate to both time and direction!
If you were trying to locate these directions in relation to the country you live in or the state you live in, these directions would be relative to the geometric center of the country or state.
These predictions can be taken down to an individual city or in the common domain of a Feng Shui practitioner, your very house or business.
While Chinese Astrology imparts a 12 year repeating cycle inside a grander 60 year cycle, in Feng Shui we have a 9 year repeating cycle as well as 20 Year Eras. So for instance, the same annual energy which will come to your bedroom in 2013 is the same energy that resided there in 2004. If your bedroom is in the southeast, then 2013 may be more romantic encounters. The annual Five Yellow Star is residing in the center (not technically a direction) and this has many Chinese metaphysicians concerned because the 5 Yellow Star is associated with disasters and pain in the current times we live in. To have that kind of energy in the center of every structure or in the center core of every city or country, it can suggest a tendency of more upheaval, arguments, strife or accidents. And since we live in Period 8 (from 2004 until 2024), this combination of "earth" energies can also suggest a higher incidence of earthquakes or other natural phenomenon related to the earth which could include drought or landslides or anything extreme related to the earth.
The 5 Yellow Star is related to set-backs or delays and yet we can't honestly say that everyone on the planet will be harnessed to this kind of energy with no escape. This is where the individual destiny and the individual house come into play. For example, one person may live in a house where the annual 2 star of sickness and health may be at their front door in 2013 (Southwest) and their prospects for the year may not be as good as someone whose front door welcomes the annual 8 wealth star (Northeast) in 2013. In Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School) the age of the house may still determine more of what the occupant's experiences will be than the annual cycles. But annual cycles will act as a trigger for more dormant energies. As a theoretical example, the direction of south will be associated with a greater potential for a fire accident in 2013 and if that annual force joins an area of a floor plan already vulnerable to a fire, then the annual cycle may just be the last straw. In contrast, the annual 9 fire star could join positive energy and actually bring great fortune to someone. This is why a competent and comprehensive evaluation has to be performed, discovering the uniqueness of each property.
One aspect of uniqueness to 2013 will be that the annual "star" in each direction will match the inherent element for each of the eight basic directions. For example, the annual 1 star will be in the North in 2013. Both the 1 star and the North resonate with the water element. The annual 7 metal start will be in the west and west is inherently a "metal" type direction. What this is going to do is intensify both positive and negative influences of each direction.
Historically, these passages of time were taken so seriously that the Chinese emperors would wear robes in the color associated with the season or grander cycles of the time. My best advice for anyone really interested in their potential for the year, is to enlist the services of a highly trained astrologer, Feng Shui master or Nine Star Ki diviner to look deeper into the stars and what they have to say for you personally, transcending the superficial. Otherwise, the general predictions are just that, general.
Kartar Diamond has been consulting professionally since 1992 and she has a wealth of resources for you on her website, Kartar Diamond is the author of Feng Shui for Skeptics, The Feng Shui Matrix, and The Feng Shui Continuum. She also has a Feng Shui Tips series in e-book format and a Case Study Club for students and fellow practitioners.
Kartar Diamond resides in the Los Angeles area and see clients locally, as well as those far and wide internationally, thanks the Internet. Kartar has a reputation for being affordable, practical, and thorough.
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Feng Shui Aromatherapy

Feng shui literally means 'wind water' and is a term first coined by Guo Po (276-324 AD) in his book entitled 'Zangshu'... "Qi rides the wind and scatters, but it is retained when encountering water".
Wind corresponds to Wood in the five element model upon which feng shui is based, the other four elements being Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal. It is through a system of correspondences that feng shui practice aims to balance the five elements, and in so doing it achieves it's purpose of delivering health and harmony.
Feng shui aromatherapy is all about enabling the essential balance that leads to well-being and harmony. Essential balance is a state of being that we all experience from time to time, to a greater or lesser extent. We can tell when we are balanced when we feel healthy and happy.
We also know that we can avoid putting our health and happiness in danger by doing the right thing e.g. eating sensibly, exercising moderately, getting enough sleep, getting the work/rest/play/family balance right and having good intentions... but the twists and turns of life often intervene to knock us off balance. Sometimes we can even be our own worst enemies and then have to suffer the consequences!
Maintaining a balanced five element energy state or correcting, by degrees, elemental energy imbalances... these are the aims of feng shui aromatherapy.
The origins of feng shui aromatherapy go back thousands of years, to the times of the three legendary Emperors of China. The first of these Emperors - Fu Shi (c.3322 BC) - defined the secrets of energetic life with the 8 Trigrams. The second - Shen Nung (c.2788 BC) - classified the properties of plants according to yin/yang balance and five element correspondences. The third Emperor - Huang Di (2697-2574 BC) - described the internal energy model that creates, controls and sustains physical form and function.
The combined knowledge given by these three legendary Emperors allows us to firstly, determine anyone's five element essential balance from birth; secondly, categorise essential oils from plants according to their yin/yang and five element properties; and thirdly, create blends of essential oils that enable the balance that leads to well-being and harmony.
Blends of essential oils are formulated according to our 'personal energy signature' created at birth. The quality and quantity of this personal energy, created at birth, circulates within our body (the meridians used in acupuncture) to determine how we function and how well we function. Feng shui aromatherapy is, therefore, truly holistic aromatherapy!
Discover more about feng shui aromatherapy and also discover your own 'personal energy signature' by visiting
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December 21, 2012 - A Portal Opens

This date has stirred so much emotion, confusion and anticipation around the world. So many felt threatened by the forecast of doom and gloom. It is not surprising that resourceful and enterprising groups found an opportunity for profit, capitalizing on the fear and naivete of so many. Hollywood did its share of fear-mongering.
To prepare for this dreaded day, there are rumors that some countries have actually built "bunkers" for the safety of some. It is foolish to think that a country can save all its citizens. But some chosen groups need protection. For the general public, the internet is flooded with information on how to survive and live through December 21st. There are some brave seers that dare pinpoint the dangerous zones that will be most affected, even to the extent of completely disappearing from the face of this Earth.
Did the Mayans really predict the end of the world? Actually, the Mayans were not the only ones who had prophecies about the dawn of a great shift.
Prophecies from the Hopi Indians
It is believed that the Hopi prophecies of the coming earth changes are among the most ancient and accurate.The Elders came forward since they believe that man has reached a point of no return. It is their hope that man will return to a simpler and more spiritual way of life. The Great Shift has actually begun.
Reflect on the weather pattern these past few months. You won't read about these in newspapers. There are reports of tornadoes spinning the wrong way, there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up above 200 degrees. Over a seven-day period in early June 2012, 772 earthquakes were recorded on the California-Nevada border near Mammoth Lake. Skeptics will say there is an earthquake everyday but it is too low to feel it.
Simon Hunt writes:
"In an unprecedented and totally unexpected way, Hopi Elders for the first time in history have openly shared their sacred, and heretofore secret prophecies with the world. Robert Ghost Wolf, noted Native American Prophet and author arranged for two Hopi Elders to appear for three hours on the nationally aired Art Bell show (out of Pahrump, NV) and freely discuss their sacred, and heretofore secret prophecies."
Carrington Event of 1859
Going back to some historical data, in September 1,1859, a powerful solar storm was observed by British astronomer Richard Carrington. Its effects were felt from the Rocky Mountains to Cuba where the northern lights were visible. There was a collapse of the telegraph communication around the world. There were reports of sparks showering from telegraph machines and setting papers ablaze.
The event happened without warning in the midst of an average solar activity cycle. Some thought it was the end of the world. But Carrington spotted the true cause for these bizarre happenings-a massive solar flare with the energy of 10 billion atomic bombs which spewed electrified gas and sub-atomic particles towards earth. This resulted in a geomagnetic storm, thus the name Carrington Event.
Ice core samples have determined that the Carrington Event was twice as big as any other solar storm in the last 500 years. What would be the impact of a similar storm today? According to a 2008 report from the National Academy of Sciences, it could cause "extensive social and economic disruptions" due to its impact on power grids, satellite communications and GPS systems.
According to NASA report, more severe eruptions/solar storms than the Carrington event may be in store for us.Yet,with this possibility and with the advanced technology of the 21st century, the government and the general public seem to show an apparent lack of awareness of this threat.
Are solar flares a random phenomenon? With the use of supercomputers, patterns of solar flare cycles were discovered. Is it just coincidence that these cycles correspond with the periods in the Mayan calendar? The long count calendar is based on astronomical calculations of the solar year, and in terms of our calendar, it extends from 3114 BC to December 21, 2012.
Can solar storms wreak havoc on earth? In 1989, a solar storm knocked out power in Quebec province of Canada. This disabled the communication system- computer systems, traffic signals and air traffic. There was a massive disruption of everyday life. The province was plunged into darkness due to massive power outage.
A similar event occurred in Sweden in 2003. A solar storm knocked out the country's electrical grid. This proves how life can grind to a halt in the face of a massive power outage.
Astrophysics and solar storms
Massive amounts of gases are emitted from the solar corona during a solar storm. This corona is the outer layer of the solar atmosphere, visible at sundown as a pearly faint halo that extends to a great distance. Experts refer to these as " mass coronal projections". These electrically charged masses spew hot plasma into space at speeds of millions of miles per hour. If these particles enter the Earth's atmosphere, they can provoke magnetic storms and polar lights, which affect the geomagnetic field and thus all life on Earth. It is scary to think that its effects can go deep into the cellular level of all living things, especially mankind.
"The explosions, called coronal mass ejections, are as powerful as billions of nuclear explosions and can affect radio communications, electrical power systems and satellites orbiting Earth."...MSU Solar Physics Group
Currently, there is an increase in solar activity. It is believed that at certain times, the Earth's orientation may make it vulnerable to particle bombardment. It is observed that the electromagnetic fields of Earth are weakening and so is the heliosphere, the protective sheath of energy put out by the sun. This makes our planet increasingly susceptible to transformative effects of cosmic radiation and solar winds.
"Cosmic rays are the fastest matter known to man. Some cosmic rays are moving at more than.999999 times the speed of light."
To the Mayans, the Sun is significant. Their observation that our galaxy contains a central sun is scientifically accurate. Astrophysicists confirm that this " central sun" that Mayans refer to is the black hole phenomenon which is thought to be at the center of our galaxy and around which the entire solar system orbits. Such orbit takes 225 million years.
"A black hole is a region, where the gravitational pull is so strong that even light cannot escape from it. This celestial object is formed at the end of a star's life cycle. There are many interesting facts regarding black holes in space"... -holes-in-space
Scientists observed that in recent years radiation has been detected at increasingly short intervals directed towards Earth. These are referred to as GRBs- gamma ray bursts. They believe these originate from the farthest reaches of our galactic center- from the black hole.
"Until recently, GRBs were arguably the biggest mystery in high-energy astronomy. They were discovered serendipitously in the late 1960s by U.S. military satellites which were on the look out for Soviet nuclear testing in violation of the atmospheric nuclear test ban treaty.As recently as the early 1990s, astronomers didn't even know if GRBs originated at the edge of our solar system, in our Milky Way Galaxy or incredibly far away near the edge of the observable Universe."NASA
The White Light- a new era of spiritual dimension
The Mayans and followers of other indigenous cultures like the Hopi Indians of Arizona add another dimension to this prediction. The prophecy is about a new era as the Solstice portal opens on December 21,2012. Such an interpretation has also been offered by contemporary Mayans and followers of other indigenous cultures with prophecies about this time. Does this has anything to do with the white light Carrington referred to?
Some believe that a cosmic electromagnetic force and gamma radiation will have far-reaching impact on the human body. There is supposed to be a beam of radiation from the Milky Way and synchronizes with the solar cycle. This could transform, re-encode the double helix of our DNA. Are human beings as they are today be re-structured?
There are also proponents of a spiritual awakening, raised consciousness and non-believers will perish. Perhaps a calamity of never before seen magnitude will teach mankind a lesson. It will not be because of an cosmic-electromagnetic force that will all of a sudden elevate mankind to a new level of consciousness and awareness.
After all, humanity is all about opposites- perfection-imperfection, truth-false, good-bad, truth-hypocrisy, love-hate, brotherhood and sisterhood, ambition or lack of it. Looking back into history, mankind has made great strides into progress and of course retrogress. What is man without love and emotions- these are our driving forces.
The world today is more aware of spirituality. It is believed that a portal opens for many to enter into a new dimension of spiritual awakening. There is hope that with this awareness, man will learn to be in tune with the forces of nature, respect the earth and all life on this planet. This is beneficial to the continued healthy survival of Mother Earth. This " awakening" may hold the key to peace and goodwill among mankind and among nations, regardless of spiritual beliefs and cultural differences.
2012: The End of Time Patricia J. Heavrene
"Options for 2012: Impending doomsday disaster? Global financial market collapse? Earth changes? Or perhaps a consciously held combination of all three? What about an impending quantum shift, the presence of higher human or divine values in the commerce and exchange of relationship? What about the possibility of a world-changing tsunami of consciousness? And if the latter is my choice, what are the steps necessary to have that call to consciousness heard and made manifest?"
Ref: MSU Solar Physics Group
Patricia Heavrene
Bonnie Moss writes to inspire and to motivate her readers to explore the depths of their heart and soul and make a difference in this world. She draws from personal experience and her interest in spirituality. Visit her website:
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The Universe Becomes A Reflection

We as human beings all possess the inner and outer states of deep consciousness through a deep and spiritual connection with the cosmos and the stars. What state you are in, what state of mind or state of consciousness, will determine how the universe and reality around you appears. Everything is reflected as a mirror of your own life. When you feel joyous and happy, the world and life around you will seem happy. But when you are upset or disturbed, the world will become a chaotic place that is out of order. It is all a matter of the reflection that comes from within yourself. This appears as a largely obvious and apparent sign of how greatly the human minds influence the environment by thought alone.
The cosmos has always existed, but not until intelligent life arrived has there been anything to perceive it, to admire it, to realize and study its existence in reality. You can see that the universe, while always present, depends on perceiving to exist. It is the same with the many other etheric and psychic realms as well. Their importance of the state of existence comes from the perceiving by any entities that use them. Otherwise, their existence is a pointless one if there is no one to use and explore them. This theory can also be summed up from the question, "If a tree falls in the forest with no one around, does it make a sound?" It all depends on the perceiving. Where does this perceiving come from? Your perceiving of the universe stems from thought.
The power of thought is a great power indeed. Cities have been built, great empires risen and fallen, kings crowned, books written, wars started, all by the process of human thought. Never underestimate the power of thought, because it become a powerful tool in your inventory to utilize for your benefit and life improvement. Once we start looking from new eyes, a different perspective, we notice how influential our mind power has upon the world. We find new realms and new experiences merely from an inner reflection of the self. The reality that you see as reality is a mirror that shows what you think and perceive of the world. You can begin to change that reality, taking out the unwanted and negative parts, once you see that you possess the power to do so. It all begins in the mind with a single spark of the neurons, then it jumps to more and more neurons, spreading through the mind and spirit as a whole. So it is the same with thought and action in our physical world. One thought spreads to more and more minds to create a huge impact.
Misty Woodard is a psychic teacher and spiritual counselor, and has been doing psychic healing, spirit channeling, and clairvoyance for over fifteen years. She offers more information and secrets to discovering psychic realms at her website Unlocking Mystic.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did the Mayans Predict the End of the World?

In the next few weeks, you are going to see the date December 21, 2012 A LOT! The reason this will be all over the news and the internet is because of one reason and one reason only... Death!
Death? What does that have to do with December 21, 2012? Because according to some people, that will be the date of the end of the world. As humans, from the beginning of time, we have all thought about our impending death. As I am writing this and as you are reading it, we are both... dying. We know at some point, we are going to die. It maybe 30 years from now, it maybe tomorrow, it maybe 5 minutes from now but no matter what, we will die. We just don't know when. We WANT to know, we just don't, with the exception of a few terminally ill patients. This is why there are traffic jams of people "gaping" at the latest accident, or so many hit movies that all revolve around the basic premise of someone dying either by accident or murder or sickness. This is also why you are going to see a ton of articles in the next month of the end of the Mayan calendar and what it means to us. Let me give you a little background of the latest prediction of the end of the world...
The Mayan civilization was a very advanced people with complete cities, temples and language. They were very much into astrology and used the stars to devise a calendar that as extremely accurate. That is where the prediction comes from. Their calendar mysteriously ends on December 12, 2012. Why?
Could it be they just didn't feel like going that far into the future thinking they will extend it before it ended? Or was it something else? Did they see something in the stars that we haven't?
Some people believe they were visited by aliens and were told of a mysterious planet X that would hit the earth and destroy it. Others feel perhaps they saw an asteroid on target to hit the earth. Yet others believe they were given a sign from God or a higher power.
We each need to prepare in our own way for our own demise. Whether it is by the end of the world by a major event or by natural causes, we need to prepare.
I am using the Mayan Prediction of the end of the world as a motivator for myself to become a better person and get right with my maker. Do I think the end of the world will come December 21, 2012? No I don't. But it sure is exciting to read about the different theories and what could happen isn't it?
Please take a look at my predictions and give me your thoughts and comments here...
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can Ghosts Hurt You? Five Facts About Ghostly Phenomenon

The first thing to consider is what we mean by 'hurt'. Typically we would consider that to be physical injury, and I would definitely say that a ghost cannot hurt a human directly, they cannot inflict a physical injury themselves.
Here are five facts - according to my experiences and those of whom I trust - about ghostly phenomenon and how they can help answer this query.
1. I believe that the most common form of 'ghost' is a residual haunting, a recording in time if you like. It is where a repeated, significant or traumatic incident in history is etched into the fabric of time and space. These incidents play out - particularly anniversaries, but not always - in the same way that they did originally. There is therefore no interaction with others who are in this current place and time. As a result there is no way that these 'ghosts' can physically hurt you.
2. The second most common paranormal occurrence is a visitation of a loved one from spirit. They are usually checking in, letting you their relatives know they are safe and well on the other side and looking out for the little ones in the family. There is no reason why anyone would get hurt by these type of ghostly visitors. Even those relatives who were not particularly pleasant when they were alive typically come back to apologise and let their loved ones know that they can now see the error of their ways.
3. As far as other ghosts are concerned, I do not believe that they have any power here in the physical world as it's not their realm of existence. I know someone reading this is thinking, 'What about poltergheists?'
And, yes, you have a point, from time to time, poltergheist activity can cause items to move, and fly around. However, it is exceptionally rare. This isn't caused by any power that the spirit has, it is caused by the power that the spirit harnesses from those around it, particularly from their fear. We allow it to have our fear and it can use it to manifest movement. In these incidents the objects may indeed inflict injury on humans, although I would always question whether that was the intention of the noisy spirit, or simply the outcome of their frustration.
A secondary consideration is that not all harm is physical, fear can be as harmful, whether of something real or a perceived fear. Humans can inflict harm on others using fear and intimidation and we can,of course, scare ourselves witless by watching a film.
4. I believe that the fear comes mostly from ourselves, from our lack of understanding, from our own imagination and from a feeling of being out of control. I don't believe that this is something that the spirit intends to cause (in the vast majority of cases) but maybe that's a matter for debate.
5. When you consider that a lot people are intrigued by ghostly goings on, they most often go into a situation thinking it's exciting, if a bit scary, (but that's often the point right?) Very often when they then actually experience something that they cannot explain, their excitement very quickly turns to fear and their imagination takes over. They are no longer behaving rationally. They can become scared, emotionally vulnerable and very often accident prone as well. In such circumstances as a ghost hunt with the inexperienced, injury may occur from an accident, and the fear may leave mental scars such as bad dreams or a residual jumpiness. So was this caused by a ghost,? Of course not, but it may be claimed as such.
I stick to my stock answer, No, in 99% of cases I don't believe that ghosts can harm you. You can bring harm to yourself and other (living) people around you as a result of ghost-hunting, dabbling, or whatever you would like to call it but that's different. What about the other 1%? Well, that's for another time.
Helen Leathers is a lifelong intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, some would say psychic. Helen prefers the term 'a naturally modern mystic'. Helen teaches, inspires and encourages spiritual growth, personal and psychic development.
Helen draws on her natural and intuitive abilities along with many years of research and personal development to produce books, products and programs to help you, whether you're just a little curious, an absolute beginner or have been involved in spiritual and psychic development for some time.
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Astral Travel For Beginners - 4 Rules for Your First Astral Projection Experience

Who else is fascinated by the art and science of astral projection? Are you just starting to experiment and need a little guidance? If so... THIS article, and the 4 rules below were written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!
Rule #1: Set no expectations. (but BELIEVE you can do it)
There is a lot of new age nonsense out there when it comes to all kinds of spiritual experience. Astral projection is NO different. You CAN do it... but you've GOT to filter the fluff. Don't go into the experience of astral projection with some sort of lofty idea about what is going to happen, simply because you were promised a life changing experience on your first try. It rarely happens that way, and holding on to this idea leads more folks to fail and give up... than anything else.
Rule #2: Say no to DRUGS.
That should sound silly in an astral projection article, BUT... the simple truth is, about 20% of the folks teaching astral travel preach using THC, different herbs, natural "medicines", and artificial accelerators as well. The truth is, while those things CAN work, and may allow you to speed up the altered state experience, you'll never know how much of the experience was real, versus a hallucination or after affect of chemicals in your brain. (plus the BEST OBE experiences are 100% natural, and that's the ONLY high you'll ever need!)
Rule #3: Find a Friend
You'll have much better luck, and a much more profound experience, if you can find someone to experiment and explore with for sure. Plus it makes it more fun... and you can document, detail and describe your experiences together, as a tandem or small group. (it also obviously helps to verify and validate that the experience was real, if 2 or more people have the same shared experiences, it's MUCH more difficult to describe away as a hallucination or imaginary trip that didn't really happen)
Rule #4: Avoid Caffeine for 24 hours
This is a rule I often have a difficult time following myself. (I love coffee and drinks LOTS of it!) But, adrenaline will affect your ability to relax your mind enough to facilitate the experience. Remember, mediation, or deep relaxation is critical for allowing the consciousness to shift out of the body. Stimulants are the enemy of the ethereal realms... and will severely affect your ability to have the experience in the first place.
Lastly, don't over think it. Spiritual experiences are your birthright... and natural state outside of our cultural conditioning. When you drop all thought, fear, worry and community conditioning, the spiritual state, of which astral projection is certainly 1... becomes eminently available. (and a whole lot of fun as well!)
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Top 10 UFO Sightings

Welcome to the top 10 UFO sightings, these sightings come from different stages in our history, and were reported by people from all walks of life. UFOs have been zipping about in our skies for a very long time, doing whatever the hell it is they do?! surveying the Earth, surveying us, both neither? not many people can say for certain what these strange disc and cigar like craft are really doing, all we can do is look up, wonder and imagine.
Sighting number 10 was made over 2000 years ago in 332 b.c. by multiple witnesses, the witnesses in this case were Macedonian soldiers laying siege to the city fortress of Tyre and they were commanded by Alexander The Great. Alexander's forces were having great trouble breaching the city because it was built on an island and had high walls all around it that were right up against the sea, making matters worse they could only attack it from a narrow stone causeway which they themselves had to build. Frustratingly they were being easily repelled by the thick high walls of Tyre and the defenders on top, until... to the attacking and defending soldier's amazement 2 silver shields appeared in the sky and one of these "shields" dove repeatedly at the section of the wall Alexander's troops aimed to breach. This unexpected flying object fired "beams of light" at this section of the wall causing it to collapse, allowing Alexander's troops to pour in and take the city! Of course there is argument among historians about whether this happened or not but it's interesting enough to earn a place on this list.
Sighting number 9 happened 200 years before Alexander's siege of Tyre. In 593 b.c. Ezekiel witnessed his now famous flying "wheel" near the Cheber river in Iraq. In his own writings Ezekiel recorded and described a "flying chariot". His strange sighting begins when he observes a windstorm coming towards him from the north, this storm took the shape of a huge cloud emitting lightning and brilliant light. As it got nearer Ezekiel saw that in the centre of this huge cloud was something that looked like glowing metal, and drawing nearer still he saw 4 beings shaped like men. he described them as each having four faces (human - lion - ox - eagle) and four wings, it is unclear whether these "four beings" were alive or metallic adornments attached to this flying craft. Beneath each creature was a wheel intersecting a wheel which Ezekiel described as "sparkling like chrysolite". Chrysolite is a green emerald like crystal. Above the 4 beings Ezekiel saw what he described as "an expanse, sparkling like ice, and awesome". Because Ezekiel was known to record things in great detail elsewhere there is no reason to believe he didn't do so here, which makes this a very unconventional flying machine indeed, a truly unidentified flying object.
Sighting number 8 occurred in 1676 when the famous astronomer Edmond Halley was observing the sky. He witnessed in his own words "A vast body seemingly bigger than the moon", of course this flying object could have been a great deal closer to Halley than the moon which would make it seem larger. He also reported that it emitted a noise which sounded like a huge cart rolling over stones, being an adept mathematician he worked out its speed as being over 9000 miles per hour!
Sighting number 7 happened in Egypt over 3000 years ago, and was written down by "the scribes of the house of life". They wrote that in mid-winter, on the sixth hour of the day they (the scribes) witnessed a circle of fire descending from the sky. This circle gave of a foul smell and made no noise, equally confused and afraid the scribes threw themselves down on the ground until the UFO was gone. They reported this odd occurrence to Thutmose the third who was the ruling Pharaoh at that time, after consulting with advisors for the next few days (and obviously drawing a blank) Thutmose got to see this strange flying object for himself, and more than one. It was recorded that after another few days more than one of these circles of fire appeared in the sky and that they shone brighter than the sun, we aren't given an exact number as it is just recorded as "numerous", more than 10? 20? It is difficult to say for sure but nonetheless it remains an interesting sighting.
Sighting number 6 jumps us forward slightly in history to 1803, the location is a stretch of beach north of Tokyo Japan. This is a rather back to front UFO sighting report as the unknown object in question is not witnessed in the sky but emerging from the sea, also the UFO isn't the main point of this sighting, it is the crafts occupant, a woman. Apparently a strange, round craft washed ashore on the beach one day and when locals investigated (presumably fishermen) they found a young beautiful woman inside. This woman spoke a language the locals couldn't understand and the inside of the craft was covered in symbols which also puzzled them. Weirder still, as if the event itself wasn't weird enough, this woman was carrying a rectangular box that she didn't want anyone to touch! This case is known in Japan as the "legend of the hollow ship".
Sighting number 5 brings us even closer to modern times and was reported in 1950 by a terrified United States Air Force officer working at the White Sands test range in the New Mexico desert. This officer and sergeant Jonathan Louette were tasked with taking a jeep out onto the vast missile range and clearing up any debris and burnt out missile shells. Now comes the part most of you won't believe, after driving down the range a few miles they stopped the jeep and both got out, splitting up to search more ground among the endless sand dunes, the officer heard sudden screaming coming from the area he knew the sergeant was in. He sprinted towards the screaming and when he reached the top of a dune he witnessed a Disc shaped craft, low to the ground, reaching down from the bottom of this Disc was a long tentacle type appendage which was wrapped around the sergeant! Sound unbelievable? That's what the officers bosses thought when he got back to base and reported it, he was charged with murder and held until a few days later when sergeant Jonathan Louette's body turned up 20 miles down the range, mutilated with strange precise cutting the officer couldn't possibly have carried out, he was cleared of the murder charge.
Case number 4 comes to us from many miles above the earth, the witnesses were Alan Bean, Jack Lousma and Owen Garriott, all astronauts carrying out various experiments inside the NASA Skylab 3 craft. The three astronauts witnessed a red pulsing object outside their space craft, they watched it for 10 minutes and even took some pictures of it. Being a clever astronaut type, Owen Garriott was able to estimate the size of the object, he worked this out by timing the difference between his own craft (Skylab 3) passing into the earths shadow and the following UFO passing into the shadow after them. This told him the UFO was 25 miles away and 800 feet in diameter! Which was far larger than anything NASA had up there, the Skylab 3 itself was only 150 feet long.
Sighting case number 3 comes from the freezing wastelands of the Yukon in 1996, the first sighting of this unknown craft happened at 8.30 pm beside Fox Lake. 6 witnesses reported seeing a massive UFO moving slowly and quietly across the frozen lake, they described it as being smooth, round and very large. About 30 minutes later and North of Fox Lake multiple witnesses from the village of Pelly Crossing saw the same UFO, shortly after this and to the south in the neighbouring village of Carmacks, four guys in a truck and five family members, looking out their front window also witnessed this massive UFO. This case has been investigated many times from different angles by different people but remains firmly unexplained.
Sighting number 2 happened in 1967 above Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Captain Robert Salas was on duty that night and received a call from the Guard post commander who reported that some of his guards had been seeing strange lights flying above the base in unorthodox patterns. Robert didn't think to much of it the first time but the guard commander called back some minutes later in a very excited state, shouting into the phone! He told Robert Salas (in no uncertain terms) that there was a large red glowing sphere floating outside the base's front gate. Robert quickly ordered him to mobilise his guards to secure the perimeter while he phoned to inform the next person up the ladder what was going on, it was then that something even stranger happened, the warning lights in the missile control room started going of and the nuclear missiles at the base shut one after another to a state where they couldn't be launched. Naturally the military carried out investigations into why the missiles shut down but were unable to find out why.
And last but not least sighting case number 1 happened in December of 1980 in Rendlesham forest, specifically near two RAF bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Both these bases were at that time on loan to the United States Airforce. At 3 am a U.S. Air Force guard patrol witnessed strange lights zipping about above the trees close to the Bentwaters base, 3 soldiers were sent to this wooded area to investigate and as they cautiously approached through the trees they saw a burning orange light near the forest floor. The leader of the 3, sergeant Jim Penniston, later reported that he got close enough to see an object inside the orange light, suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light and the object disappeared. The very next night strange lights were again observed by the base's on duty staff and the base commander, lieutenant colonel Charles Halt, decided to lead a patrol back to the forest area to investigate further. What Charles and members of his patrol witnessed gliding through the dark woods was an eye shaped craft which was dripping what appeared to be molten metal! naturally all the patrol members were mesmerised by this floating - apparently lava dripping oddity so they tried to get closer to it, to find out exactly what it was. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the object moved away from them and out of the trees altogether into a nearby field, where, after floating for another few minutes it silently explodes into 5 smaller white circles of light which disappeared. At this point some of the patrol team noticed more lights in the sky, one of which flew to a direct stop above the patrol and shone a focused beam down to the ground right beside the patrol.
I imagine this encounter answered the question "are aliens real?" for these soldiers, all of whom were ordered not to talk about what they observed that night.
If you want to learn more about any of these strange UFO cases Google has lots of information on all of them, thanks for reading.
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Ghosts and Spirits - Why Are People Scared of Them?

You hear weird noises outside and faint voices inside your home, sound of ankle bells nearby, the doors squeak, dogs howl. It frightens you, makes your hair stand up. Why? You feel that maybe a ghoul is prowling by near your home. Are ghosts and ghouls for real or are they just glorified imaginations of mankind? Why do people freak out due to tree creaks and howling dogs?
Ghosts, ghouls, zombies, etc can be perceived by different people in different ways depending on how they find those entities depicted to them through mediums like movies, novels, TV Shows, etc. A person doesn't acquire knowledge about the world, it's different entities and how to perceive them at birth. It is how they come across in front of his eyes that makes him react to them accordingly. For example, if a person grew up watching cartoon shows where zombies are portrayed in a goofy lite, they would laugh at the thought of ghosts and zombies. On the other hand, someone who has become familiar to the concept of ghosts and spirits through horror movies like Ju-On, Shutter, The Exorcist etc would develop the common emotion, fear, towards such entities.
Hearing superstitious beliefs like dog howling at night is an indicator of evil ghosts and death can play tricks on anyone's mind when you hear those howls at midnight. Then again, dogs' howling is a scientific fact as well. Dogs are descendants of the wolves and hence are pack animals needing the company of one another, unlike maybe cats. They howl when they feel lonely to communicate with the other dogs in the neighborhood and sort of say "hi", "hello good morning", etc. I can't hit the "sure" button on whether the beliefs are wrong or right. Maybe they do see ghosts walking and smirking at them, maybe they don't. If only we knew for sure whether ghosts exist or don't exist.
It's frightening for many to think of being in a dark place with speculated activity or even without speculated activity of the spirits. When you question them why, they aren't sure why they get scared! Why aren't they sure? It's quite natural to be perplexed when the effectiveness of your eyes have been reduced and don't know what's gonna happen. It is mainly due to the fact i mentioned above, ie, the depiction of the dark being a trademark signature for a haunted place. In a nutshell, fear of the unknown. If you, me or even the biggest skeptics were asked to be locked inside a supposedly haunted dark room for a whole night to prove whether spirits exist in there or not, i think we would hesitate a lot to take such an unpredictable task. Then who? The only ones who i truly trust to do that would be toddlers! They aren't mentally developed to register what is supposed to make them scared, make them cry or make them angry while the developed ones like us know what will make us afraid, excited or sad. We can perceive fear as it is.
Research and ghost hunting in the paranormal field to decipher the existence of ghosts and other mystical creatures hasn't reached any conclusion whatsoever. Hence we fear them since we haven't really seen them and aren't sure of their existence. It has only lead to reality ghost hunting shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, etc with most of them coming across as fake. In these shows, most of the evidences of so-called "manifestation" is based on some light flashes or blobs of light hovering around which come across as fake and without a concrete proof. They avoid backing it up with an explanation or real proof by quoting "it is unexplained"! One show that actually caught my attention is Ghost Hunters for their usage of certain devices which gets lit up based on the theory that ghosts radiate EMF(Electromotive Force). But when these hunters were asked why do ghosts emit EMF and how their device works, yet again the wave of uncertainty radiates out of them and no clear answer to that question. There are many mixed reactions on the "ghosts emit EMF" theory from experts.
So i would like to conclude my article by asking a simple question: Since there hasn't been any reliable findings on spirits and whether they are friendly or not, should we assume their nature and be scared of them?
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