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Astral Projection Dangers - 4 Truths That Only Seasoned Practitioners Know

Although a number of people are intrigued with the idea of leaving their physical body, few have the courage to actually try it out. All human beings are naturally afraid of the unknown. Every beginner is afraid of the little-known astral projection dangers. Practitioners claim that astral projection is as safe and as dangerous as anything else in real life. In other words, you safety is your responsibility when you astral project and roam the astral realms.

Let us now examine a few astral projection dangers and ascertain whether they are real dangers or just myths.

1. Death

Many beginners are afraid that they would die when they are outside their bodies. So far, there has been no recorded case of death due to astral projection. So, the chances that you might die when you are out of your body are very remote indeed.

However, if you have a weak heart, you had better not project. The shock of seeing yourself out of your body might be too much for you and this could trigger a heart attack.

Someone could kill you when you are out of your body; but in this case, the cause of death would not be astral projection. Many seasoned practitioners also believe that negative entities can sever your silver cord; but the chances of such a thing happening are very slim.

2. Possession

Many people are afraid that a demon or some negative entity will possess their body when they are out of it. This is not possible because nobody can get into your body without your permission. However, some negative entities might think it is a good idea to tease you, especially if your vibrations are low. Before projecting, you must learn about ways to protect yourself from these negative entities.

3. Getting Lost

The fear of getting lost while astral travelling and being unable to find one's way back to the physical body is absolutely groundless and baseless. You will never forget the way back to your body just as you will never forget your way back to your house. You only have to will to be back in your body; and you will find yourself back.

However, you might be sidetracked or delayed. In this case, you simply have to request an angel, God, or your spiritual guide to help you.

4. Demons and Negative Entities

Astral projectors have come across malevolent beings, demons, and negative entities. But only a small percentage of practitioners have such experiences to report. Negative entities can be found only in the lower planes; and you will be alright if you steer clear of these planes. You simply have to learn some psychic self-defense techniques in case you meet some negative entities when you are on your travels; and you will be perfectly alright.

Astral projection dangers, therefore, are almost nonexistent. Having an OOBE and astral travelling are fun activities. But, you must know everything about astral projection before attempting it. You must also take the help of divine beings, ascended masters, saints, spiritual guides, and so on to protect your physical body, your astral body, and your bedroom when you are out of your body and exploring the astral realms.

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