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Dream Interpretation and Greek Mythology

Initially, as I was trying to decipher the mysterious language of the dreams, I examined Greek mythology. I understood how it related to the meaning of our dreams because the stories and themes that comprise the mythological stories are actually archetypes.

Archetypes are dream symbols immensely powerful. We find them in the artistic and religions manifestations of all civilizations across eras, in addition to finding them in dreams of many different people from different places in all historical times.

By translating the symbolic meaning of the archetypes contained in Greek mythology, we decipher the hidden message present in these images and stories, parallel to the meaning that can be understood by our conscious mind.

There are many meanings in a symbol because it simultaneously represents many things, and therefore, the relevant definition depends on how it appears in a dream and in artistic or religious manifestations.

While Homer speaks of only one "Moira" (Destiny), Esiodos mentions three "moires" (destinies). Each part does something in order to change the luck of the human being: one of them weaves life, the other one rolls the yarn, and the last one cuts it.

The three destinies of humans are the symbolic representation of the three destinies one's life has, depending on which of the three parts of the psyche one chooses to follow.

The part that gives one life (weaves one's destiny) is the wise unconscious that produces dreams to protect from the craziness inherent in the anti-conscience and that tries to help one completely develop one's human conscience so that he may live peacefully and happily.

The destiny that rolls the yarn is the conscience, which decides one's actions but frequently makes many mistakes because it is ignorant, selfish and a big victim of the person's ego. The ego is connected with the anti-conscience that wishes to destroy the conscience through craziness.

The destiny that cuts the yarn is the demoniac anti-conscience: one's primitive conscience that never evolved and still exists in one's psyche, provoking many problems with its invasions in the conscious realm. This dangerous part has to be tamed and transformed into a positive part of the conscience; otherwise, it causes depression, neurosis and several worse psychic diseases that cannot be cured when the destruction of the conscience is complete.

Poseidon, the god of the Sea, was one of the most important gods in Greek mythology. He ruled the ocean and had his empire there. His older brother, Addis, possessed the world of the depth and his younger brother Dias was the god of the sky and earth.

The symbolism we find here is similar-Dias is the wise unconscious mind trying to help humans transform their lives on Earth, so that they may forever live happily in the sky, in the perfect world of sanctity, which is paradise.

Poseidon is the god of the sea, which represents craziness. Therefore, Poseidon is in the place of the conscience, which is also absurd, even though it has transformed through consciousness. It has to be completely developed; otherwise, it leads the human being to the labyrinth of craziness because it is dominated by the evil anti-conscience.

Addis represents Satan, the god of hell, since he rules the depths. If the human being doesn't fight the domination of the anti-conscience, one becomes its victim and ends up imprisoned forever in the labyrinth of craziness, which is the worst fate for anyone.

Craziness represents terror and terror brings despair: this is the worst destiny for a human being. This tragic destiny is psychic hell, the most unbearable misfortune that exists.

Only craziness prevention can save humanity from the hell of poverty, prostitution and violence that facilitate the poisonous destruction caused by the anti-conscience. Only through the exact interpretation of dreams according to Carl Jung's method, which I have simplified, can everyone overcome depression and all existent mental illnesses with certainty, acquiring mental, emotional and psychic health for life.

This is how you will control your destiny and never be a victim of the anti-conscience's traps, replacing what could potentially be negative in the future with something that will bring you joy and satisfaction instead.


Encyclopaedia of Mythology-Gods and Heroes of The Ancient World

Viteh Zamarovski

Editions Tambaki

Athens - 1981

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