Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spells and Potions - Everyday Healing Herbs You Have at Home That Can Be Used in Witch Spells

Spells and Potions have been around for a long time and can improve your life and you will find you already have many herbs in the kitchen which are commonly used in spell casting. There are many normal cooking herbs which you can use in witch spells, and they work perfect every time. l have listed some of the common ones you can take advantage of.

All herbs have specific healing properties which assist in bring magical energy to your spells. Listed below are common healing herbs which are excellent when blended in your witch spells and potions.

1) Allspice has properties which help with money, good luck, healing and communications Spells and Potions.

2) Anise can be used for divination, protection and purification. It can also help you with regaining and preventing nightmares.

3) Basil has properties which help with love magic, exorcism, wealth, protection, psychic development and clairvoyance. You can also use it in purification and wealth spells.

4) Bay Leaves have properties which help with witch spells which involve wisdom, psychic powers, clairvoyance and protection.

5) Caraway Seeds have magical properties which help with protection, health, anti-theft and to improve your Mental Powers.

6) Cinnamon has properties that are great for healing, spirituality, psychic powers, protection, love and knowledge magic.

7) Cloves has properties which are great for love and lust. It can also be used for exorcism, money and protection magic.

8) Coriander has properties that can be used for health, love and healing.

9) Cumin has great properties for protection and making sure there is fidelity in relationships.

I hope you enjoy making use of all of these common household herbs to bring forth special energy needed in your Witch Spells and Potions.

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