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Top 5 Paranormal Abilities

Paranormal abilities can be described as the capacity of people to perform certain extra-ordinary things that science cannot describe. A person with these abilities is said to have a paranormal ability. One of the well known paranormal abilities is the psychic ability. Psychic ability is the capacity where an individual tends to gather information from another without will or rather information that may be hidden. The procedure of perceiving this hidden information is referred to as ESP or perhaps extrasensory perception. Psychic powers have commercially been used by psychic detectives, psychic archeology and psychic surgery.

In the early 20th century, Edgar Cayce who had a psychic ability made numerous predictions using the ESP that had initially been brought to knowledge by Helena Blavatsky. In the late twentieth century, any person who claimed to possess a psychic ability made use of them to help people. In fact, the use of psychic abilities had taken a greater course of life with the readings being performed even via the phone. The belief in psychic ability or the existence of these ESP abilities has always been a controversial debate which led to a survey to evaluate the thoughts of people on this fact. Unfortunately a greater number of people acknowledged that they believed in ESP which remains a turn around table for most scientists and researchers. Mind powers are connected with those individual who claim to use a portion of their brain to control the will of others.

The issue of mind control was connected with propaganda for war in that people were misleading into taking arms through manipulative techniques. In the paranormal nature of these abilities, mind powers can be associated with the ability to move physical matter by way of focusing and or initiating mind control beyond any scientist's explanation. It has however emerged that some researchers are beginning to believe in the existence of these powers also referred to as psychokinesis. They have added that the condition needs more research before they reach into a conclusion on the source of these abilities. The following are the top most paranormal abilities of all time that people have claimed existed or still function.

  • A psycho-kinesis or mind power is the capacity for an individual to move physical matter without entirely touching it or using the physical body to move it.
  • ESP or extrasensory perception takes place when the person with this ability gathers information without involving the common five senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.
  • Telepathy is another paranormal ability that tends to describe the issue of communication. This is further evaluated as in the state where one can communicate with another by way of mind without necessarily using any sign language or talking.
  • There is another common paranormal ability referred to as clairvoyance. This is whereby the information is transferred from one subject to another. The differing situation from telepathy is in the fact that the person with these powers uses objects which will communicate to him unlike in telepathy where the communication is done through one person to another.
  • Pyrokenesis is another rare but actual claim of a paranormal ability whereby the person possessing these powers can actually perform something extraordinary. This is whereby the possessor can extinguish fires by the use of the mind ignited powers.

There are other abilities out there like the psychometry where one can tell what objects are saying, precognition that is used by foreseers to tell the coming of future events, Bilocation that differs from astral travel in that it is physical rather than of conscious nature. This is where the individual can be in two places at the same time physically. Post cognition is whereby one can be able to see what happened unlike precognition where one sees what may happen. Let us not forget about astral projection that is characterized by one traveling to another dimension in spirit rather than body. All these abilities and others have always brought about controversial debates as to whether they are true or not. This is because scientists have continually tried with every possible will power to calculate the actual possibility without any luck and thus something that science cannot explain on the source, technically doesn't exists although claims are always there on the existence of the said abilities.

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