Monday, November 21, 2011

Snakes and Their Charming Egyptian Owners

So let's talk about the seemingly dying breed of snake charmers. Exactly where did they come from? How did they become charmers of snakes and how do they do what they do?

It is said that the Guru of Snake Charmers taught people to revere Reptiles rather than be afraid of them and that the art of charming snakes emerged from those who were in the business of treating people for snake bites. Those who sought to follow in the Guru's footsteps were trained as to how to properly handle a snake and what to administer for Snake bites. These healers as they were called, also removed snakes from people's homes and became known for their healing abilities and the ease with which they handled snakes.

It is this ease these healers had with snakes that ushered in the era of Snake Charmers. The general belief is that the art of snake charming originated in Egypt and this is given creditability from the account of a showdown between a kings, sorcerers, and a man named Moses. But scholars hold that snake charming as we know it today probably originated in India. It is here we find the fine points of Snake Charming being defended as a family business.

Dressed in traditional attire, having long hair wrapped in a turban, wearing beads and earrings our snake charmer sets out to find his audience. He carries his snake or snakes in a basket that is suspended over his shoulder on a long pole. When he finds the perfect spot he will sit down in front of his basket cross his legs and wait for the appropriate time to remove the lid.

Having removed the lid from the basket he begins his ritual. The Charmer makes music with his flute and presto as if he has heard the music the snake will come up out of the basket; if by chance it is a Cobra it will extend its hood and begin to sway to the music as if being hypnotized by the Charmer. All who see this dangerous show being carried out before their very eyes are in awe; they applaud and reward the snake charmer.

How can this not be real? Well according to well informed sources a snake is in his comfort zone when kept in the dark; shed some light and he is startled into emerging from his den. As for why he will sway to the music and act hypnotized; well it is one or a combination of things. The snake will react to the movement of the flute, the vibration of the flute or to the patting of the charmers feet.

You are saying but what about the music? I hate to burst your bubble but the snake cannot hear it! I know you want to remind me that the snake retreats when the music stops; pay attention when the Charmer stops all motion the snake will retreat. Finally snakes by nature are timid creatures and prefer to scare off their opponents rather than fight.

So Egyptian Charmers, Indian Charmers they all emerged from the same source; they came from those who had a way with handling Snakes and provided a service for those who didn't.

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