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2012 Changes - Why it Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better

To keep myself informed of "higher level" developments in humanity's progress toward the shift in consciousness and 2012 changes, I regularly read the material of about four to five different channels. Recently, these channels have been informing humanity that things will get worse on this planet before they get better. I also have recently observed major challenges and upsets in the lives of the people I know (it is June 24, 2010). However, I view the things that are happening as "blessings in disguise." I explain why in this article.

I understand why many crises and challenging situations are happening at this point in time. I also understand that in order to change humanity's direction, to divert people from the path of danger they are currently on, the consequences of that direction have to be extreme. (One timely, relevant example: The Gulf Oil Spill.)

Some people place a great deal of importance and credibility in information that is channeled. Channeled information sometimes explains things better than conventional wisdom, particularly when it comes to topics such as humanity's destiny. (I also read it and check it against my own understanding.) This is why I am including some relevant information that was channeled in this article.

The following is an excerpt from a channeling of SaLuSa on June 23, 2010:

"People all over the world are responding to the higher energies flowing into the Earth's grid." [Enlightened information on the Internet?] "Suddenly what you need to do to put your evolution onto a different path is becoming clear. Most importantly you realize that you have the power to change the direction that humanity was heading into and put it on course for Ascension..." [You can change your direction and raise your consciousness.]

"We have often intimated that times would get worse before there were changes for the better. You are entering such a period, but you are more prepared to see it out now because of your understanding of the issues involved...No one is given challenges unless it is known that they can cope with them...It is in adversity and even pain that the greatest lessons are learned." --SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, channeled through Mike Quinsey, June 23, 2010

Because I understand what is happening, I can support people who are dealing with difficult situations even though in some cases I am in the midst of what is happening myself; I can see a challenging situation as a blessing in disguise and can help others see it that way, too. Seeing things in this new way in fact is what will help transform the situation and get people on the right path as quickly and easily as possible.

I can say with confidence that humanity has not changed its direction yet; I don't see it in the outer world yet. Most people are still waiting for someone else to take care of things for them, to take charge. Like teenagers, some also exhibit a sense of entitlement. Well, this Earth experience is all about us becoming more enlightened, mature adults--and that takes something. (I know some people don't like to read such things. But once the going gets tough, directness, straightness and realness will be appreciated more.)

In order to get humanity past these limitations and mindsets (that affect behavior and the sorts of actions we take), consequences have to be extreme. When the consequences are great, the required brain connections that will transform the situation can be made. An integral part of this involves reconnecting and merging with your higher self. Extreme tough love is also what is required right now.

It is my understanding that the events that will transpire over the next few (several?) months will finally get people's attention and change humanity's direction, one individual at a time. Integrating with your higher self is how to prepare for 2012. Integrating with your higher self will allow you as an individual to find your brilliance sooner rather than later so that as part of the 2012 changes, a world that works for you as well as everyone else can be created.

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