Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Astral Projection Stories That Are Out Of This World

One of the best places you can start when investigating astral travel is to check out astral projection stories. Before wanting to spring out there and begin your first voyage, it's a good idea to see what people are experiencing. As you can imagine, people can have a varying array of experiences. Nevertheless, when the universe of astral projection stories are viewed as a whole, there are indeed some common places of overlap. In fact, there are five typical themes that play out often.

The first trend you'll detect across all astral projection stories is the way people report the basic out-of-body experience, by which they see themselves from another point of view. People talk about levitating above themselves. It's as though people are seeing themselves through the eyes of another. It's best to just hear some astral projection stories.

In fact, one piano player talked about how he saw himself looking down while he was playing piano at church, so he was able to enjoy himself as a spectator! What's really wild is that he repots how he was not able to even know what he was going to do next, so it really was as though he was someone else. Still another person explains how they realized 26 years later that they had experienced astral travel when they were 6 years old going through surgery. He comprehends that he was awake during the surgery watching the whole operation.

Second, when assessing astral projection stories, the seemingly most common experience is the report that people are flying. People have a feeling of weightlessness. The "anti-gravity" experience, also described as levitating, is reported by most as pleasurable. One of the astral projection stories most interesting was the man who said he felt like he was a vapor, and he talked about floating around watching himself sleep.

A third common thread in astral projection stories is when people report being able to visit with family and friends that have since passed on. Obviously, many people want to be able to see people they cared about again. And sometimes this is actually a motivation for pursuing astral travel. Interestingly, keep in mind that since it is your astral self reuniting with them, it is actually their astral body as well. I'm not sure that that makes a lot of difference, but it's a revelation worth bearing in mind and people tend to react to that reality in different ways.

The fourth commonality is astral projection stories is how people talk about being able to physically do things they previously could not. A typical example has to do with people simply walking through doors. People talk about going straight through walls. Related to this is the way that sick people become well. In other words, blind people talk about being able to see. Crippled people talk about being able to walk.

The last common thread among the astral projection stories is how people recount visiting places they've never been before, or even seen. This isn't so much about going somewhere, like the Ukraine, that you've never been on vacation to. Rather, while that could be the case, it's also sometimes simply some place that you do not even recognize. And, you might even have some vague feeling that you've been there before. It's not so much that they have been there before in the natural, but maybe in previous astral travel.

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