Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Are the Nazca Lines of Peru?

The Pampa Colorada is a Desert that is located 250 kilometers from Peru. There are some mysterious drawing on the land there called the Nazca lines. These lines are several centuries old and they can be viewed only from the air. If you look at them while walking on the ground, you can never make it out.

They are huge lines running across in patterns. There are more than three hundred lines among the Nazca lines that depict various geometric figures and shapes and even some animals and plants. These lines were made by an ancient Peruvian civilization known as Nazca and these people lived around 200 B.C. These figures would have been made by removing the stones and getting the lighter colored soil above so that the color of it could be exposed. However, it has been preserved so far because of the arid desert air.

However, what most people do not understand is why these Nazca lines were created and what purpose did they serve. Also, this is some kind of art that can be seen clearly and distinctly from the above. Therefore, you would be required to take a helicopter ride to see the actual art. Some people think that these lines were actually made to honor and pay tribute to the gods, who the Nazcans believed lived in the skies. There are still others who claim that the lines were drawn in order to identify the underground water sources.

A German mathematician who spent a lifetime studying these lines believed that these lines were some sort of sky calendar. Some scientists thought that these were locations of shrines of that time. These lines have also been associated with UFO and aliens and some people believed that they created these diagrams.

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