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The Mayan Calendar About 2012 Predictions and the Survival Plan

The Mayan calendar through the long count, and according to most astronomers, scientists and researchers is one of the first sources of predictions concerning the so called the end of the world in December 21, 2012. It has been also predicted by numerous prophecies as the End Date.

In this article you will discover the bare truth, the information you and your family need to know about The Mayan calendar and the end of time and the survival plans so as not to be scared, but well prepared for the after 2012.

What is the Mayan Calendar - The long Count and how is it related to 2012?

The Mayan Calendar, or as so often called the Aztec Calendar, is recorded as a carving on the Aztec "sun stone," It is more complex than the Gregorian Calendar we adopt, it's actually three calendars in one: the Religious Calendar, the Solar Calendar and the Long Count Calendar.

In fact, in relation to 2012, there are two major factors to examine: the long Count and the End of the Great Cycle. According to experts, the Long count or more importantly the end of this long count is based on:

  • Eight (8) bakatuns
  • Three (3) katuns
  • Two (2) tuns
  • Ten (10) uinals
  • Fifteen (15) days

They assume that the end of this long Count will see the end of what is known as the Great Cycle. This time period coincides with December 21, 2012.

The Great Cycle, on the other hand, is based on the premise that the Mayan life cycle ends in December 2010. Some Mayan archeologists say that there are writings that refer to the descent of a Maya God Hunab Ku at that time period. In short, the end of this long Count and the End of the Great Cycle come to indicate December 21, 2012 as the end. Is it the end of the Mayan Calendar or the end of the world?

Based on factual evidences, by 2012, there will be a big change in life on earth; an Apocalyptic event that will take life as we know it to a second level.

Are we going to be prepared or scared from 2012?

The first point that comes to mind when we talk about survival, is the place to hide from the 2012 "Apocalypse".

It's believed that mountains will be the only safe places should 2012 Apocalypse occur. With all the possibilities it's impossible to say where for sure, but it's believed that mountainous areas and the highlands will have the best chances. Highlands would be safe if it were not for the nuclear fallout which would likely occur.

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